First of all, thanks for all the input on my questions about Blood
Enemies. I'm guessing the psionicist was a mistake* that slipped past the
continuity editor (or do they have one? If not, maybe they should get
people to playtest their products on the internet or online services, like
Fasa and SJ do).

Anyway! Getting to my point. I've been thinking of starting a
'side' campaign, kind of an offshoot of my main one, based in the Imperial
City of Annuire. Is it detailed in any of the supplements? I only have the
box set, a couple of the domain packs, and most the adventures.

I have a basic picture of it: It's big, around 100,000 people. It's
essentially ruled by the Chamberlain. It's on the mouth of the Maesil
River. It's a harbour town, and much of it is on different islands,
connected by bridges. Lots of museums, universities, and other cultural
places (like Opera Houses, Cathedrals, etc). Has a lot of stormy weather.
I sort of picture it as a cross between Paris, Alexandria, and the big
cities of Spain.

The main areas missing in my mental image of it, are related to the
College of Sorcery. Is it detailed in the Book of Magecraft? (As you can
tell, I don't have it yet). I picture them as being something sort of like
Ankh-MorPork's Wizard's Guild of Terry Pratchett's Discworld series.


* To quote briefly, it says "Astrid, a famous and mighty wizardess and
psionicist from Muden...". So, not only is she from Cerilia, the guy that's
supposedly writing the book, Danzig, knows what psionics are, which doesn't
fit in with what the box set says. (p14 of the rulebook "Psionicists are
unknown in Cerilia"). And while he COULD have had experience with other
planar critters, he's assuming the audience knows what psionics are as
well. Although, there could be a glossary in the hypothetical book he wrote
that isn't in Blood Enemies .