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What about scale considerations for missile range and spell range?


Scale considerations? I'm not sure what you mean. when we played out the
combat a couple ties for practice, it seemed that archers for example had
to get right next to the enemy to attack, which shouldn't be so. If i have
5 archers units lined up against your 5 infantry units, i should be able to
fire a couple volleys before you engage me in melee and then making my units
serously disadvantaged.
basically we thru out scale a decided for a more realistic combat magic and
artillerist should be able to fire at long ranges, and missile capable units
be granted a range of 2, as a range 1 that is still too close to an enemy
unit for comfort.
Anyway, that is just what we did for our campaign. Like everyone says
"if you don't like it, change it." :)

My original comments below:
Well, In my campaign, we play that missile units have a range of 2 on the
board. Magic and artillerists can hit anything on the board. We think this
makes catapults and archers more realistic. Also, if you have a mage, why
would he/she go out into the middle of battle to cast. Standing at the rear
is perfectly fine!