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    Brandon Quina

    New Priest Realm Spell

    Defence of the Homeland Spheres: Protection, War
    Regency: 2rp per Invader Req'd Holding: 4
    Gold: 1gb Character Level: 7th
    Duration: Special

    When enacted, this causes any invading units in your realm to be
    pushed out by the wrath of your divine power. You pour your mystic
    energy at them-- destroying the weaker units, and sending the
    others fleeing from your divine wrath.

    All units affected take 1 hit of damage. They must also make a
    save vs spell at -1 for every three levels over 7th. If they fail
    this saving throw, then they are forced to flee toward their homelands
    until they reach there. They will stop for nothing, and continue to
    march even without supplies. Unless the regent gives supplys for his
    troops (one GB per five units/provinces) they will take another hit
    of damage for every 5 provinces they have to cross on the way home.

    This spell effects any enemy troop in your entire realm, although
    you have to spend 2 regency points for every troop your going to
    affect. If you affect a province, you have to affect all the troops
    in that province. Example: If there were 3 units in province A and
    2 units in province B-- you could spend 6rp to affect the units in
    province A or 4rp to affect the units in province B, or even 10rp to
    affect all the units. You couldnt, though, just spend 2rp to only
    affect one unit.

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    Brandon Quina \\|// (x x)

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    New Priest Realm Spell

    >>>>>Why don't you post them to the netbook?>>>>>

    Sir Spud,

    Greetings, In reply to your message, How? Although I have been gamming
    for years I am no news group saavy as of yet. Let me know and I will be
    happy to.


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