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    Michael Andrew Cullingha

    Shadow World Seminar

    Hi all,

    Is there anyone out there that can summarize what's
    in the RealAudio file on the Shadow World seminar
    at the GenCon site? I'm away from home for another
    few weeks without a Sound Card. :-(

    Any info would be welcome. For those that don't
    know, the URL is:

    - --
    Michael Cullingham

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    Shadow World Seminar

    Michael Andrew Cullingham wrote:
    > Hi all,
    > Is there anyone out there that can summarize what's
    > in the RealAudio file on the Shadow World seminar
    > at the GenCon site? I'm away from home for another
    > few weeks without a Sound Card. :-(
    > Actually there is a funny story about the Shadow World
    seminars. That's right, seminarS. Apperently GenCon
    changed the location of the seminar, and negleted to
    tell Ed Stark (one of the people that was supposed to
    be runing the seminar) that the location had changed,
    so the seminar got run in two different locations at
    the same time.

    At this point, both versions have kind of run together
    in my head, I'll give you a quick summary of both, but
    the bottom line is, they haven't decided yet on a
    whole lot yet, and they were looking for ideas from the
    people there, so I'll just cover a couple of the major
    topics. And then give some of the ideas that were
    discussed, some of the ideas may be conflicting.

    - -What is the Shadow World?
    A dream world, whatever each individual expects to be
    there, the home of Azrai, the Dark Side (like the TV
    show), Azrai's big battery of energy to fight his
    brothers and sisters, a birthright version of the
    afterlife, all of these at different times (or
    different places)

    - -Who/what "lives" there?
    Halflings, undead, normal people, creatures from the
    demiplane of shadows, other special creatures unique
    to the Shadow World

    - -What relationship do halflings and elves have with
    the Shadow World?
    Halflings came from there fleeing Azrai's corruption,
    some halflings are still there protecting the
    remaining good parts, elves are responsible for the
    creation of the shadow world, elves are not immortal

    - -Who/what is the Cold Rider?
    a BAD guy. They were very vague about this topic,
    there seems to be some plan for a procuct based
    around him.
    - -------------------------
    There was more, but thats a basic idea of what was
    talked about.


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    Shadow World Seminar

    Hmmm... If I had been there, and able to toss in my 2 GBs...
    I think that the Shadow World was originally a combination 'Spiritworld' and
    ever changing land of the Fey. At Deismaar, Azrai was destroyed in the mortal
    realm, but was able to flee in some soul-form into this once-beautiful
    land... His spirit began harvesting lifeforce from the "Fey World", and as he
    consumed the lifeforces, the world started becoming the Shadow. Trees died
    and became dieased and misshappen, etc... So, In time, the spirit became
    powerful enough to take form... in the days of Michael Roele, he seemed very
    vague and shadowy, but 500 years later, the Cold Rider may be alot more solid
    and defined... Eventually, he will lead his new armies of undead and
    shadow-beasts back into Cerilia, and begin consuming all those of divine
    blood he finds, Including the minor Awnsheglien, but leaving the more
    powerful ones until last, using them as generals, and adding their armies to
    his own... Eventually, though, he would plan on taking back his 'gift' from
    even the Gorgon...
    Perhaps this concept would make a good, long-running, epic campaign, and
    towards the end, the major Awns could discover that they are eventually to be
    'eaten' by Azrai when he's done with them. The Awns would turn on Azrai,
    making an unusual alliance with the 'good' forces! What's that saying?..."
    War makes strange bedfellows...?"
    On another topic in the seminar, they discussed "why are the elves so
    uncomfortable with the Shadow World?"
    ...Well, perhaps, as they mentioned, once the Shadow and Aebrynis worlds were
    one, but somehow got seperated. Perhaps the elves were responsible for the
    event that caused this division... Elven pride and magic gone too far...

    ...(V)agnus |{haine...

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