hello, Adam Theo here,
OK, i've decided to take on a personal endeavor. to compile a list of ALL
TSR AD&D Birthright-related web sites out there on the 'net. quite an
undertaking, ja? i've decided too much of an undertaking. i could use
some help. so if you know of ANY Birthright related sites, PLEASE, PLEASE
send their URL addresses to me
< Malcom@Sprintmail.com >. i plan on listing, summarizing, and posting a
list of links to these sites here on the list and *maybe, probably* sending
it in to the Birthright Netbook < http://www.satech.net.au/~hoss/birth.html
> for a Great Birthright Links Page. complete with summaries of what
you'll find at them. so if anyone knows of a page (maybe your own or a
friend's?) that even *mentions* Birthright, send it to me personally or on
the list (maybe both) so we can all benefit. depending upon the response,
expect results from a week to two. thanks in advance.

Adam Theo Florida, USA
a high-sighted DM for Birthright