By Ian Hoskins

1: Orogs.

Unit Name: Cost: Maintenance
Orog Infantry 2 1
Orog Archers 2 1
Orog Cavalry 4 2
Orog Engineers* 6 2
Orog Overseers* 2 1
Orog Lizard Riders* 8 2
Orog Sappers* 3 1
Orog Elite Guards* 12 4

* Indicates new unit.

A: Orog Engineers

Move: 3 Melee: 1
Defense: 2 Missile: 4
Morale: X O

1 HIT: Melee: 0, Missile: 3
2 HITS: Melee: 0, Missile: 2

These troops are the Orog equivalent of Artillary, athought they are
used to build and repair Orog fortifications. If a unit of Orog
is avalible at a siege they can construct engines to bring down the
castle. They are lightly armours, and usually armed with a short sword,
dagger and short bow. Their main stength however lies in their abiltiy
build catapults and other engines of war.

B: Orog Overseers

Move: 2 Melee: 4
Defense: 2 Missile: 0
Morale: X

1 HIT: Melee 3
2 HITS: Melee 2

The Orog Oversee is a specalist unit designed to control and look after
various slave work gangs in the Gorgon's Crown and Kiergard. They do not
usually become involved in warfare, although the Orog's in this unit are
very strong fighters. They do not like to fight however and have a very
poor morale. The Gorgon's Domain support 3 units of these overseers to
control of the enslaved population of Kiergard. Common weapons are
or whips and they Overseers usually wear a light armour such as leather.

C: Orog Lizard Riders

Move: 3 Melee: 4
Defense: 4 Missile: 2
Morale: X O B Charge: 5

1 HIT: Melee 3, Charge 3
2 HITS: Melee 2, Charge 2
3 HITS: Melee 1, Charge 0

One of the toughtest Orog units. The Orog's making up this unit are
specially trained to ride the giant lizards found in their underground
caves. Fortunatly the lizards do not operate well in light, and these
troops have some disadvantage in bight sunlight. They are hower expert
night fighting troops, and proved unbeatable in the recent Rhormarch
campaigns. These troops are so prized that they were withdrawn from the
campaign and did not perish with the more common troops when the king of
Rhormarch finally recaptured the northern provinces of his kingdom. The
mounted Orog troops wear a study steel breastplate and carry a short
short sword, and a heavy lance. Their lizard mounts are also armour with
light leather barding.

D: Orog Sappers

Move: 3 Melee: 3
Defense: 1 Missile: 0
Morale: X O

1 HIT: Melee 1
2 HITS: Melee 0

These soldiers are specially trained to prepare tunnels and undermine
castles. There most famous use was during the Gorgon's attack on the
citidel of Oden in northern Rhormarch. While the rest of the army,
including the Gorgon himself was trapped outside the Citidel with Prince
Oden's men raining arrows and boiling oil down on them, these Orog
built a tunnel underneath the Citidel walls and then began slaughering
defenders from within. They soon had the gates open and the Gorgon's
rushed into the Citidel slaughtering its defender. If it had not been
the sappers Prince Oden would have survived the battle. These troops are
very lightly armourer, usually only leather at the most, and carry only
short sword.

E: Orog Elite Guards

Move: 1 Melee: 6
Defense: 6 Missile: 4
Morale: X O B

1 HIT: Melee 5, Missile 3
2 HITS: Melee 4, Missile 2
3 HITS: Melee 3, Missile 0
5 HITS: Melee 2

These are the Elite. The very best the Orog armies of the Gorgon's Crown
has to offer. There is only 1 unit of Orog Elite Guards at any one time
it is made up of the very best soldiers from all the other units. They
outfitted like no other and payed double what any other unit recieves.
unit is based in the Gorgon's castle of Kal-Saitharak and is charge with
the personal defense of his Stoniness. Many Orog chief and leader are
drafted into this unit as well and this is reflected in its high battle
ratings. Most soldiers in this unit are outfitter with plate armour, and
some are even equiped with enchanted suits. Weapons are of the finest
and range from two-handed to short swords. Each soldier in the unit is
specialised in their particular weapon. Also they each carry a heavy
crossbow for missile attacks.

2: Slave Units:

Unit: Cost: Maintenance:
Work Slaves* 0 0
Slave Infantry* 1 0
Slave Shields* 0 0

* Indicates new unit.

A: Standard Slaves:

These units have no attack of defense. They represtent units of slaves
grouped together for constrution purposes. In an emergancy there Goblin
Orog master may push them into battle as cannon fodder (See Slave
But they are mainy used as slave labour in the fields of Keigard and
realms. Large numbers of slaves are much cheaper to keep that hiring
workers to perform the duty.

B: Slave Infantry:

Move: 1 Melee: 2
Defence: 1 Missile: 1
Morale: X

1 HIT: Dead.

When normal troops are hard to find, or can not be maintained then
are sometimes pushed into the army. They are outfitted with what ever
weapons and armour are left over from the normal army units and driven
battle by their Overseers. They usually fight because if they do not
they will be killed by their masters. They however have little in the
of combat value and are of little use, except to keep the enemy occupied
for a while.

C: Slave Shield:

Move: 1 Melee: 0
Defence: 1 Missile: 1
Morale: O

1 HIT: Dead

These units are used by particularly nasty Orog's or Goblin tribes. They
are driven before the advancing Archer units and used as shield for the
Goblin or Orog archer to fire from behind. They have almost no combat
value, although they could throw rocks if pressed. Some evil tribes also
send out on of these units of slaves to stop and enemy mounted unit
charging them. The enemy cavalry or knight has to get past the Slaves
before it can attack the regular troops and usually the Orog's have
or artillary ready to use on them while they are getting past the

3: Goblin Troops:

Unit: Cost: Maintenance:
Goblin Archers 2 1
Goblin Infantry 2 1
Goblin Scouts 4 1
Goblin Guards 6 2
Goblin Cavalry 8 2
Goblin Wolf Riders* 8 2
Goblin Warpig Riders* 10 2
Goblin Artillary* 10 2
Goblin Skyriders* 12 3

* Indicates new unit.

A: Goblin Wolf Riders:

Move: 4 Melee: 3
Defence: 2 Missle: 3
Morale: X O Charge: 5

1 HIT: Melee 1, Charge 3

A rarely used unit of Goblins. The Wolf Riders have an excellent
rate, but little in the way of defense. They are mainly used to attack
withdraw and quickly fall the the better protected units in battle. The
goblin riders are unarmoured and carry a spear, and short bow.

B: Goblin Warpig Riders:

Move: 2 Melee: 6
Defence: 4
Morale: X O B

1 HIT: Melee 4
2 HITS: Melee 3

Goblins riding the large boars and pigs found in the northern forests
be a fearsome sight. The animals are slower than the lightly armoured
wolves, but make up for this lack of speed with a high defence and
value. The Goblins usually outfit their warpig with spiked armour and
chain armour themselves. The riders carry a heavy spear that would cause
lot of damage if the pig could ever pick up enough speed to charge the
enemy units. As it is they cause enough damage in battle with their
combined with the attacks of their goblin riders.

C: Goblin Artillary:

Move: 1 Melee: 1
Defence: 2 Missile: 4
Morale: X

1 HIT: Missile: 3

The lightly armoured Goblin artillary is their answer to Anuirean
artillary. There weapons are not of the same quality however, and Goblin
artillary is so expensive that it is rarly used. It has the same effect
normal artillary for attacking castle, but much worse battle statistics.

D: Goblin Skyriders:

Move: 5 Melee: 2
Defence: 8 Missile: 3
Morale: O

1 HIT: Missile: 1

The ultimate Goblin unit, the one all Goblin chiefs want to have, but
not afford. There is only one of these units at the moment though and is
controlled by one of the chiefs in the highest mountains of the Five
This unit is made up of small Goblins with large hangliders. They swoop
down out of the mountains and drop rocks on their foes or fire light
crossbows. Because they are flying they are almost impossible to hit,
except by enemy archers and even then not easily. They have a high
movement, but can only make 1 attack every 2 rounds as they need to
manouver into position for an attack run. The squence of an attack it to
fly over the enemy firing as they go, then to swing around for another
attack. This unit can only make 5 attack runs before it gets too low to
ground and has to land and take no further part in the battle. The
Skyriders wear no armour, and usually only carry a light crossbow, or a
shortbow. They can not be hit except by any unit with a missile rating,
can leave the field of battle at either end of the field, unlike normal
units. They must return to the battle in the next turn however or are
off course and out of the combat.

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Ian Hoskins

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