Finnsson wrote:
>I was wondering how you could set up a espionage-net over the world in
>Like CIA, GRU, S=C4PO, PET, FET, KGB, DGSE, Mossad, Shin Bet, MI 6....
>I think you understand : )
>But I think it's so hard to have a working espionage-net in Birthright.
>And very expensive.

Hey, I think you have some good ideas, here. What if the PCs (or NPCs :-> =
) took some time and money and hired lieutenants with "spy" skills like =
intrigue, disguise, and stuff like that. Soon you'll have skilled =
lieutenants working for you but actually out in the world. They could be =
you top spies, with others under them that they hire, but in your pay.

hehehehe, I think I'll try this out on my players, then tell them about. :=