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In the Domain Action: Decree- It says, "cannot affect another regents domain
in any way", but then says, "some possible effects include: " -1 to -4
penalty to another regents success number, create minor event for another

Why the conflicting info?

Why would driving monsters into another regents province require a court?


======== Fwd by: Joel Parrish ========
I believe what it means is that you cannot DIRECTLY affect another regents
domain, such as contest, agitate, etc. But an action that would indirectly
affect their realm would be acceptable, such as causing a random event in
the opposing regent's realm. Examples of this are such as:
If an opposing guild in your province specializes in deer meat, decree that
it is illegal to hunt deer in your province. Game effect could be that the
next time the thief tries to rule his guild, it could be at a -3 mod., due
to the fact that the type of meat is illegal and no one would want to go
against the king's decree and buy it.
Along the same concept, you decree that a certain church is the state
religion, and no others will be tolerated. Any regents trying to build or
rule a temple loyal to other than the state religion in your province would
receive a negative modifier equal to the current level of the state
religion's temple in that province. Any rule action for the state temple
would receive a plus modifier.
Driving monsters into an opposing realm would not effect the realm directly,
but could cause problems for the regent.
I think what the rule means in game terms is that any action is allowed as
long as it does not affect any "numeric" value of an opposing regent's
realm, such as holding levels, treasury, loyalty, province levels, etc. But
the end effect of the decree may change any of these, such as the monsters
destroying 1 level of a province, through pillaging/mass destruction. This
could also drop the loyalty of the province. But none of these effects came
directly from the decree action, just its results. Hope that helps.