I was wondering how you could set up a espionage-net over the world in
Like CIA, GRU, S=C4PO, PET, FET, KGB, DGSE, Mossad, Shin Bet, MI 6....
I think you understand : )
But I think it's so hard to have a working espionage-net in Birthright.
And very expensive.

Do you think that a regent can use a espionage-action to get someone on
his pay list.
If the action succeeds, then you have a all-time spy that only need some
money from time to time. The spy will be able to give you almost all
information you need (since a realm isn't so big).
Or do you think that this would only give you some extra chance in the
future when you use a espionage action in that realm? Or both (you get
information from his area free, but need a espionage action in oter
Ex. You have a spy that are the generals secretary. You get all
information about the army for free. But need to use a espionage-action
(with +5 for the spy) to get information about the royal guild)?
To track down a spy should be a hard thing. Each level the spy has
worsen the hunt with 1.

If the other regent know who you are he can tell the person who would be
the spy to give you false information.

I need some comments on this one.