On Sun, 10 Aug 1997, Jeff Wilding wrote:

> Harri Kemppainen wrote:
> > My problem was that together they have so much money and resources that
> > hardly any lone regents can match that. So they have grown too
> > powerful and they can muster too many armies for my liking. Also it
> > feels funny that in relatively small area (like Roesone) there are
> > constanly willing persons to join ever groving ranks of Reosonean army.
> I do stuff that takes thier money, yet, is not really an annoyance, i
> take a little bit at a time until they want to purchase something and
> realise they arent the richest on the planet =3DP Some things like:
> 1. Thievery
> 2. Inflated prices for everything
> 3. Raiders burn villages, then thye have to deal with repairs, the
> people, and then gettin them raiders.

Actually only thief character has lots of money (100+ GB) other players
have about 20 GB, but they play too much as single unit. Priest musters
one unit Regent of Roesone two units, Count of Ilien One unit and the thif
two units. None of them uses lots of money but together they can muster
sizable army. I really had to meke them strugle with money and i don't
want to wield my campaigne in that direction. I just want to slow down
their imperialistic, warmongering tendencies. In that context puting
limits to mustering and maintenance works fine. Also John Campbell's
idea about training armies step by step would also work.=20

Anyway there are some things I could do tho lessen their money too.
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