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Thread: Relics of Power

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    Relics of Power

    The following Magic Items are transcribed from the Sierra Birthright game
    "The Gorgon's Alliance" (by Robert C. Clardy and Kirt Lemons). In many
    places I have added descriptions or modifications that do not match the
    items as they are presented in the game, but this was nesscessary for them
    to make the transition from computer game to live game.

    Amulet of Inspiration - This ornate golden amulet has a large star saphire
    set in its center. The amulet's history goes back to a time before the
    settling of the Cerilian continent. Originally made to rally the followers
    of Anduiras, this item has found its way into the hands of Rulers who found
    they could use its powers to embolden thier own people. And has since lost
    any "Holy" connections. Although it has still been used by Priests, faith is
    no longer an issue. In game terms the Amulet of Inspiration raises the
    Morale of all Units by 1 level when the Regent wearing this item is in thier

    Banner of Roele - This banner was made by a Blooded Mage who fought with the
    Roele's at Mt. Diesmaar, and bears the standard of the House of Roele upon
    it. As the banner was woven the mage infused energy into the fabric that
    made all those loyal to the bearer swell with pride and courage. In game
    terms as long as the Regent bears this banner all Units with him/her never
    fail a Morale check. *Note:* This item only works on Human Units.

    Barazad's Tools - This set of golden tools was crafted by Dwarves thousands
    of years ago. The set consists of 25 various tools that are linked
    magically. If the tools are moved more then 100 yards away from one another
    they disappear and return to thier oaken chest. The chest itself is
    unadorned but very sturdy. In fact it is magically and virtually
    indestructable. A group of craftsman using these tools reduce the cost of
    what they are Building by 25%.

    Chalice of the Dead - This gold and silver chalice was forged by loyal
    Priests of Azrai to be used in the war against the tribes living in Cerilia.
    With it a Regent can Muster, and command, 1 Unit of Skeletons for 1GB per
    DT. The possession and use of this item is considered an evil act.

    Corgandal's Staff of Transport - This tall wooden staff is wrapped in gold
    wire, and its surface is etched with various magical runes. The maker of
    this item was long ago forgotten but it still bears his name, and Mages have
    struggled with its secrets unable to duplicate the items unique magic. When
    using this item the cost of the Transport Realm spell is reduced to 1 RP and
    the Soure requirement is reduced to 0.

    Crown of Command - Created by an unknown ally for the first Goblin-King of
    Thurazor. It is a simple looking iron circulet studded with various small
    gems. Any Regent using this item gains 1 extra Domain Action per Domain
    Turn. It also has the effect of raising the wearers Int. by 1 point while
    wearing the crown.

    Danica's Crystal of Scrying - This flawless ball of pure crystal is rumored
    to have been plucked from the shattered remains of Mt. Diesmaar. However it
    gained its powers, it got its name from the first recorded Mage to ever
    possess it. Besides functioning as a standard Crystal Ball, this item allows
    a Mage Regent to cast 1 free Scry realm spell once per Domain Turn. The
    Regent may view things up to 5 Provincies away without any basic cost.

    Dierdrien's Ring - This is a simple brass band that will shape itself to fit
    any wearers finger. The Mage Diedrien wrought this band sacrificing some of
    his own Bloodstrength in its making. With this ring a Mage Regent can
    attempt to Forge 1 Ley Line as a free Action once per Domain Turn.

    Faele's Ring - This holy object is said to have been made from metal that
    was once part of Anduiras' armor. The band shapes itself to a wearers
    finger, and grants a Priest Regent 1 free Realm spell per Domain Turn.

    Gavelon's Staff of Prosperity - This short silver rod was a gift from the
    Elves of the Erebannien. It will only function in the hands of a Priest
    Regent. Any Priest possessing it gains a permenent Bless spell on all
    Proviences that he/she has a Level 1, or better, Temple Holding in.

    Robes of the Masses - Woven by the same Mage who made the Banner of Roele,
    these robes help inspire all who see them. The robes themselves are a deep
    blue and have intricate silver threading throughout. A Regent wearing these
    robes gains a +5 to any Agitate action that they make.

    Regalia of the Empire - This fine set of imperial robes are made of a
    brilliant golden material that shimmers with a divine aura. Again made by
    the Mage who crafted both the Banner of Roele, and the Robes of the Masses,
    this magical cloth was made to aid an Emperor in single-handedly ruling his
    empire. With these clothes a non-Priest Regent can perform an Investiture
    ceremony and get a +5 to thier success roll. A Priest Regent using these
    robes gains a +10 to thier success roll during an Investiture. These clothes
    may only be used once per Domain Turn.

    Scepter of Cuiraecen - Shortly after his rise to godhood, Cuiraecen returned
    to Cerilia and formed his first church. To his High Priest Cuiraecen granted
    a golden scepter topped with a massive ruby. This item became a symbol of
    thier religion for hundreds of years. In all but a Priest of Cuiraecen hands
    it is just a ornate scepter. In the hands of a Priest of Cuiraecen it is
    much more. If the Priest is a Regent all Units under his/her command gain a
    +1 to thier Attack. Non-Regent Priests of Cuiraecen can use the scepter to
    cast 1 12d6 Lightning Bolt(as per spell)per day. Of course Regent Priests
    may use that ability as well.

    Torc of Splendor - This item was made by Dwarves shortly after the first
    Humans arrived on Cerilia. Appearing as a rather old piece of non-precious
    metal engraved with a form of knotwork, this item has a rather profound
    effect on those dealing with the wearer. The torc grants the wearer a 18
    Charisma, and gives Regents a +10 to all Diplomacy Actions they make.


    "War is a matter of vital importance to the State;
    the province of life or death;
    the road to survival or ruin.
    It is mandatory that it be thoroughly studied."
    -Sun Tzu,(The Art of War)-

    BR Netbook:

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    Jeremy Reaban

    Relics of Power

    While I like the idea of Relics, I think most of them are two poweful
    (which is why I was glad to see you admit most of them).

    But! You kept a couple of the most powerful ones:

    The Crown of Command and the Staff of Prosperity

    An extra action gives per domain turn gives a huge advantage. It might be
    okay if there's only one PC regent in your game (the rest are Lts or
    whatever), but if you have several, the other players will probably get
    ticked off.

    The Staff of Properity, although toned down in your version, still
    basically maximizes revenue - on average at least doubling it. I'd be very
    wary of letting any of my players, at least Priests, have this.

    BTW, on a completely unrelated note - TSR/WOTC is going to have the audio
    from a Gencon seminar on the Shadow World. Check their web site for
    details. From the description, it sounds like if BR survives as a product
    line, it might have a some sort of story arc added to it involving the
    Shadow World


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