Nagling(Giant-Slayer) - Centuries ago the Regents of the Rjuvik region found
themselves plauged by a vicious tribe of Giants. Thier greatest warrior and
his men set out to destroy these beasts and encountered a Giant-King so
powerful he slew all of the warriors and nearly fell the champion. In an act
of unmatched heroism the great warrior struck down the beast. To prove the
beast was dead he took the creature's head back to his people, and hung it
above the door of his great hall. In his honor the Druids, of his tribe,
removed the teeth of the beast and had them set into the pommel of a Bastard
sword. As it was crafted the Druids blessed and empowered the blade, so that
when it was done it was far more then a simple sword. Nagling is a +2
Bastard sword, but its bonus goes up to +3 versus any Giant or
Giant-kin(Ettin, Ogre Mage, Titan, etc.). Against a true Giant(Hill, Stone,
Mountain, etc.)the sword causes double damage. Any natural 20 to-hit roll
scored against a *true* Giant will cause the sword to grant the effect of
Heroism(as per Potion of same name)on the wielder. This effect will only
happen once per week. Also the wielder may call upon the sword to grant them
Stone Giant strength(as per Girdle of the same name)once per day. This
strength lasts for 4+1d4 rounds. Nagling is an intelligent sword(Int:12,
Align:CN, Ego:13, PS:25)who hates all Giants and Giant-kin. If the wielder
encounters any Giant(or kin)the sword will desire to kill them instantly. If
for any reason the wielder resists this urge a conflict arises. If the
wielder has a higher Personality Score they must make a Wis. check(or
Willpower if PO:S&P are used). If the wielder has a lower PS they do not get
to roll, they fail immediatly. Failing this check means Nagling sends the
wielder in a Berserker rage. The wielder gains another +2 to hit(taking it
up to +5 vs. Giants), but he/she will try to kill everything within 60 feet
unless they are killed or rendered unconscious. *Note:* Nagling will use its
Giant strength power on the wielder to prevent this, if it can. Although
none are sure of the whereabouts of this powerful weapon, it is rumored to
lie in a tomb somewhere in the northern Rjuvik lands.


"War is a matter of vital importance to the State;
the province of life or death;
the road to survival or ruin.
It is mandatory that it be thoroughly studied."
-Sun Tzu,(The Art of War)-

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