Ive got a lawful evil awnsheghlien in my game. He'd already transformed
a little when the game begun (Talons that do d4/d4 damage, and bloodshot
eyes). Im not allowing him to pick what his abilitys are, and I always
stress up the /bad/ part of being an awnshegh..

Anyways, when it comes to evil character-- not all of them are mindless
slashers that ruin the game for everybody. Veldrane comes off as a good
guy, he's more of the 'behind the scene's' evil guy :)

Its really good to have him, and I already know what kinda awnshegh he
will eventually turn into. I wouldnt let anybody be an awnshegh except
the really great roleplayers though-- cause they can get powerful,
expecially those with Bloodform as a great power...