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    Morten Helles

    Awnshegh character

    With all this talk about awnsheghs currently on the list, I have decided
    to post the background material on a "half awnshegh" character I am
    going to play. He is called Sergei Profiev, and is the twin son of the

    - --

    Sergei Profiev

    - --------
    The history of Sergei Profiev is closely related to the Tale of the
    Raven: This tale tells the story of the Raven [see Bloodenemies p.
    66-71], and of how he fell in love with the good Lady Rose ages ago when
    he first wandered the lands of Cerilia. It tells of how two twin
    brothers - one of chivalry and one of wizardry - were conceived, of how
    the Lady Rose died giving birth, and of how the Raven was banished from
    the world, returning from whence he came: The Shadow World. The two
    brothers were sucked partly into this demiplane along with their father
    and were in near temporal stasis for thousands of years until 10 years
    ago (in MR 541), when the Raven managed to escape the Shadow World and,
    once again, take human form. This awoke the twin brothers who, weakened
    by the long statis and not being adapted to the new surroundings, were
    almost freezing to death when two Vos farmers rescued them and took them
    under their wings. However, the Raven could feel his sons' presence, and
    they his lust for their blood, and soon agents of the Awnshegh were
    scourging the lands of Vosgaard, killing everyone and everything that
    stood between the Raven and the twins. It was then (in MR 543), that the
    Pyotr the Warrior and Sergei the Wizard came to realize their Dark
    Heritage, and they decided to depart lest the Raven should catch them

    While Pyotr journeyed northward, deeper into Vosgaard, Sergei travelled
    to the west, to Anuire. Sergei knew of his great potential in magic, and
    so sought tutorage at the College of Sorcery in the City of Anuire. He
    was accepted by the Council on the advice of the Master Diviner, who
    seemed to know both the past and the future of young Sergei. After three
    years of tedious study, he graduated with excellence in MR 547, and was
    offered the title of Court Wizard of Boeruine. He rejected, though, and
    in the need of funds to increase his magical knowledge, he secretly
    formed an adventuring band, and then entered the ruins of the Great
    Tower to claim it's riches. In the ruins, however, the presence of evil
    and Azrai made his location known to the Raven who appeared, slew the
    entire adventuring band except Sergei, and then brought his twin son to
    his castle in Yanskia, Vosgaard. Sergei spent two months of horror
    there, the victim of his father's cruel acts, while the Raven continued
    his search for his other son. It was then that Sergei realised the
    Awnshegh's plans: He intended to capture both his sons, kill them
    simultaneously with the ritual Dagger of Azrai and thereby, somehow,
    transfer their divine essence to the large black sapphire at the
    dagger's end, and then claim the souls of his sons himself, filling an
    empty hole is his own soul, a hole brougt about by the twins' birth. The
    Raven left the castle on many occassions, and on one of these, Sergei
    managed to kill his jailor, steal the gem of the Dagger of Azrai and
    several other valuables, and then escape through the ancient portal in
    the center of the fortress into the Shadow World. There, he backtracked
    the journey his father had travelled when Sergei was first brought to
    the Raven's Realm and he reappeared in the ruins of the Great Tower.
    Pillaging the corpses of several adventures on his way out, he fled the
    ruins and journeyed northward into Alamie. Intend on increasing his own
    strength against the Raven and to search for his lost twin brother, he
    located the source manifestations of northern Alamie and set himself up
    as a wizard regent. As his powers grew and lack of funds became a
    barrier to his magical studies, he decided (in MR 551) to enter the
    political arena of Anuire by accepting the title of Court Wizard of

    - ------------
    In many ways, Sergei is the counterpart of his brother, Pyotr. His stay
    at the Raven's fortress and his travels in the Shadow World have nearly
    claimed his sanity, and only the hope that his brother is still alive,
    and they together can defeat their Awnshegh father, keeps him from
    slipping into total darkness. The strength of his bloodline pushes
    Sergei into doing evil as it rewards him with feelings of ectasy and
    with a peaceful release from his insanity when inflicts pain on others.
    [Playing note: when confronted with a problem that can be solved by an
    evil act, Sergei must make a saving throw vs. spells, or act evilly.]

    Sergei has a strong bond to both his brother and father, and can somehow
    sense their presence when they are near. Sometimes, he can see what they
    see, and feel what they feel. Both the Raven and his two sons know of
    how their fates are intertwined. If the Raven claims the powers and
    souls of his sons, he will once again have a complete personality and
    mind. The two sons can only be victorious if they unite and combine
    their strengths. Both Sergei and Pyotr know they cannot resist the
    bloodline of the awnshegh should they defeat him, and therefore they
    both hunt down awnsheghlien to strengthen themselves and do good before
    they consume the True bloodline of Azrai's son and then most certainly
    become evil awnsheghlien themselves.

    - -----------
    Sergei and Profiev looks exactly alike [see picture in RoE p. 74]. Only
    their clothing is different. Sergei wears brown travelling boots, black
    trousers and shirt, and a royal blue cloak trimmed with elegant gold and
    silver patterns.

    Sergei's horse, named Silverflight, is a magnificant white riding horse
    with an amazing stamina and speed. It has a silver mane and tail.

    - -----
    Sergei actually lives in a source manifestation. The manifestation is a
    large cave, whose entrance is protected magically from any one but it's
    master. Here, Sergei has built a laboratory for his magical research and

    - --

    What do you think?


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    chrys murphy

    Awnshegh character

    Pc Awnsheghlien

    The way I read the rules, just because a PC or NPC has a Bloodline of
    Azrai, it doesn't mean that they will become an Awnshegh.
    Each time the Character commits an evil or selfish act, the taint within
    Azrai's Bloodline transforms him/her slightly -the worse the act the
    bigger the change.
    Most of the Major Awnshegh are so far transformed because they are
    thoroughly evil - but consider Awnsheghs like the Siren and The Banshee
    - - they are but slightly transformed as they are basically good at heart
    and avoid committing acts that would urther the Transformation - though
    in the Banshee's case thius is difficult.

    I would play that any Scion of Azrai's Bloodline gets the Bloodform
    ability as a "Bonus" power that only works when they commit such an
    Evil/Selfish act.

    Hope this view gives you some ideas

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    Michael Gerard Kothakota

    Awnshegh character

    Cool character, I always new all awnsheghlien weren't that bad!


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