> Does anyone have any ideas on PC's becoming awnsheilien? (Will just call
> the awn., too hard to type ) I have a pc who wishes to become an
> He has planned put what he wants to become, and it incorporates perfectly
> into my campaign. He wants to be able to manipulte his body to become
> a t-1000 on the terminator. There was already an awn. like this,

hello, Adam Theo here
well, i've personally had to face this question, too. the pc that one of
my players made to practice making a char in BR had his BL derivation
rolled randomly. and wouldn't youy know it, it was Azrai. the player
asked what that meant, and when i explained that and what sometimes
happened to "beneficiaries" of the evil god's blood, he then asked how it
happened. so i will answer this question on the post the same way i
answered it to my player....
if a pc has the bloodline of Azrai, it is completly up to the dm how (and
if) the pc turns awn. i don't have the corruption as a true game rule or
by the book deal, therefore not using the bloodform ability out of "Blood
Enemies". instead, i use what i call "god call", where i decide if the pc
with Azrai's blood starts to manifest a bloodform. what form the
corruption takes is not up to the pc, it is a force out of his/her control.
and a suggestion on your players choice of "corruption". i think that if
it works into your plans for your campaign perfectly, then great. but let
me tell you this....a power such as that could *easily* become out of
control even when dealing on such a large scale as kingdoms. i would try
to think of some unique and still fun restrictions that wouldn't take away
from the fun of shapechange at will yet would hinder any game unbalancing.
here's a thought. the pc can't alter his mass more than +/- 20%. all
items that he has on his body doesn't change with him, therefore when he
goes to seep through a crack under a door, his magic items, armour and
weapons are left behind from where he changes shape (of course when he gets
to the other side, he can the "morph" some clothes on his body. they just
couldn't be magical). also, you could say that the pc starts feeling very
weak every 24 hours and must "melt" for a short period of time (again like
odo on DSN), introducing some possible intruiging situations. really hope
this helps.
Adam Theo Florida, USA