Here are a few more Quest spells from the TOM. Converted into Priest Realm

Implosion/Inversion: Regency: 5 Req'd Holding: 3
Gold: 1 GB per round Char Level:7
Range: Anywhere in province Priest is in.

Mindnet: Regency: Special Req'd Holding: 5
Gold: 1 GB Char Level: 7
Duration: 1 day per RP(max. of 12 days)

For purposes of this Realm spell the Priest may only teleport connected
beings twice per day. The Priest must make a Con. check once per day(instead
of once per turn). While the Priest can perform no other actions he may
sleep for 4 hours at a time while sustaining this spell. Although he/she
must make a Wis. check every hour to stay asleep. If unable to get a full 4
hours sleep once a day the Priest suffers a +4 penalty to his/her Con.
check. For every day that this spell is Maintained the Priest must spend 1
day in bed rest, unable to do much beyond sleep, and eat, after terminating
the spell.

Preservation: Regency: 10 Req'd Holding: 1
Gold: 2 GB Char Level: 3
Range: Anywhere in province Priest is in.

Revelation: Regency: 2 Req'd Holding: 7
Gold: Special Char Level: 5
Duration: 1 day per GB

Robe of Healing: Regency: 1 Req'd Holding: 3
Gold: Special Char Level: 3
Duration: 1 hour per GB

Siege Wall: Regency: 1 per structure level Req'd Holding: 1
Gold: Special Char Level: 7
Duration: 1 day per GB

The Realm spell version of Siege Wall lets the Priest add as many structure
points, to a castle, as he/she wants. Costing 1 RP per structure level.

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