I've skipped a few spells, because I couldn't convert them simply. When I'm
done I may try them again, I don't know.

Elemental Swarm: Regency: 3 Req'd Holding: 3
Gold: Special Char Level: 7
Duration: see below

This spell can be used in one of two ways. First it may be treated exactly
as its described in the TOM, with the exception of its duration. For
purposes of this Realm spell the Elementals last 6 turns per GB spent in the
casting. Secondly, If used during war the spell creates 3 units of
Elementals with the following stats: Move:1, Defense:6/7/8, Melee:7 (they
can take 4 hits, losing 1 off their attack per hit) Elementals never fail
morale checks. These units last 1 war turn per GB spent in the casting.

Health Blessing: Regency: 1 per 5 people Req'd Holding: 1
Gold: 1 GB per 5 people Char Level: 1
Area of Effect: up to 50 people

Highway: Regency: 4 Req'd Holding: 1
Gold: 1 GB Char Level: 1

If this spell is used on a unit, the units Move goes to 4. For the spells
duration(1 day)

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