Here is the next Quest spell that I have converted. Again if anyone has any
suggestions for converting these over, let me know.

Circle of Sunmotes: Regency: 1 per unit Req'd Holding: 3
Gold: Special Char Level: 7
Duration: 1 War Move per GB(per unit)

When first cast on a friendly unit the Circle heals it 1 hit. For the
duration of the spell the unit gains +1 to all their attacks, and never
fails a Morale check. Friendly units who move into an adjacent area of an
effected unit are healed 1 hit. This affects a unit only once during the
spell's duration. Enemys suffer -1 to all missle attacks on friendly units
under this spell. If cast on an enemy unit they immediatly take 1 hit. Any
resistance to fire negates this attack. This attack happens only once. For
the duration of the spell the enemy unit suffers -1 to all attacks, and
loses thier first morale symbol.

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