Since we have a new list fot BIRTHRIGHT. Maybe we could pool our resoruces
and create a Birthright netbook. Full of new blood powers, spells, etc.
************************************************** **********************
* Bill Schwartz, Billcutis of Borg, Iceman Incarnate, Internet Lord *
* Galaxy Ranger (With Series-5 Brain Implant and Bio-Defenses) *
* Leader of ANIME ADVENTURERS, Finisher of the World of XEEN, Tea Lord *
* Level 7.7 DM, Keeper of the NetHOARD, Keeper of 79 RPG Systems *
* Slave to the all powerful JOLT, Forever Knight Vampire Fledgling *
* Hot Chocolate King, "Welcome", "You've got Mail", ROBOTECH Master *
* Official Tiac "SENIOR" Customer Support Employee! Muad'dib Disciple *
* "Die Autobots!!", "Clearly I can not choose the wine in front of me" *
* "It musst give usss our preciousss!", "Warp 7.....Engage!." *
* "Orbots Unite!", "Blood and Souls for my Lord Arioch!" UNIX Neophyte *
* "Yes my lord?" "Ready to serve" Remember, Computers never ever lie *
************************************************** **********************