>Is there anyone on yet who can comment upon the realm magic system.
>Also, there is a naval supplement for Birthright. Is it any good, and is
>it useable for other AD&D stuff?

Well, first off, let me say that there are two kinds of magic: lesser and
true. (I forgot the actual terms used.) Lesser magic is cast by magicians
which are roughly equivalent to illusionists. Anyone can be a magician.
True mages must be blooded. If you are a true mage, you can harness
magic sources with ley lines. These sources allow you to cast realm
magic. If I recall, realm spells can take up to 3 months to cast and are of
little personal use to a party.

The naval system is OK but not necessary. It may be adaptable to other
systems with a little work. Most of the naval supplement has already
been discussed in previous products. It essentially gathers all the rules
one place and offers you more battle cards.

Emanuel Matos