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    Wiki TABLE made easy! (plus TABLE tutorial!)

    I have created a class for wiki table, that is uniform and uses the forum styles with some little adjustments.

    the class is calles: wikitable

    • with this class there is NO NEED to put a class on a row, tableheader, caption etc.
    • there is NO NEED for the align=top anymore.
    • EVEN/ODD rows are calculated automatically so NO NEED to put even/odd row classes anymore

    simply use:
    [table] class="wikitable"
    and the code formats the rest

    I also noticed that it is often unclear how to make a table (or make use of all the possible features)

    html tables have certain tags you can use, but ofter are forgotten.

    the tags i mean are: TH (tableheader) and CAPTION (caption for the table)

    the BB-code for caption is:
    |+ Text of table caption

    the BB-code for TH is the ! infron of a cell (instead of | which you would normally use)

    ! This is a table header (TH)
    | This is a normal cell (TD)

    take a look at Timeline_of_Cerilia to see everything in action!

    ALSO: the standard value of a TABLE WIDTH is set to 50%
    if you like to overwrite that replace it with a Style ie
    [table] class="wikitable" style="width:100%"
    have fun!
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    Anyone have any idea what other variables can be used with this and possibly a place to view the code? I know you can set the background color, text formating, etc. Was curious if there was anything else.

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