From the "Might Fortress" AD&D2 historical refence book:

Every time the PC`s unit takes a hit, every character must make a saving

throw vs paralyzation. Those who fail suffer 1d8 points of damage.

If the PCs` unit is destroyed or runs away, the PCs can either flee to

save their lives or run to join a different unit which is still

fighting. Anyone who flees must also make a saving throw vs.

Paralyzation. Failure means that the character was seen doing something

particularly cowardly and is disgraced (disgrace only applies to

characters who are bound by honor, q.v.).

If a player rolls a 20 on any of these saving throws, his character has

done something particularly heroic. He will be commended after the

battle and should be considered for promotion. At the very least, if he

was in disgrace he has redeemed his honor.

Is using the simple battle resolution, PCs need to make a saving throw

only if they are defeated (remember that cavalry can be defeated even if

the infantry wins the battle).

--Lord Rahvin