From the "Might Fortress" AD&D2 historical refence book:

One of the great inducements to military service was that the victors

got to loot their enemies` camps and cities. Some men became quite rich

off plunder.

If the PCs are part of a victorious army, the DM rolls percentile dice.

The result is the `loot potential`. Each character who was still around

at the end of a battle (i.e., wasn`t killed and didn`t flee) gets to

roll percentile dice. If the roll is equal to or less than the loot

potential, the character gets crowns equal to the number he rolled.

Soldiers from the ranks get one roll; corporals, ensigns, and

lieutenants get two rolls; captains and sergeant-majors get three rolls;

colonels get five rolls; generals get eight rolls. If the character did

something heroic or was part of a successful siege, he gets one roll.

--Lord Rahvin