I would not use the RB table to calculate bloodline demographics. I would

create a typical realm of NPC`s, and see what that looks like. The RB table

will tend to give players fun players to play, not a distribution of

bloodline demographics. That`s why D&D is always telling us that PC`s are

exceptional character (even in this case, exceptions among the exceptions).

My average of all regents in the Ruins of Empire and half of Havens (169

characters) have an average bloodline of 26.90. The random results of the

RB chart get you a 19.14 character.

It may very well be that a statistical analysis of the 109 characters on my

Taelshore site comes out pretty closely to the RB table, which would be

nice, but I`d put the priority on a realm I made. I do know that one

difference, is that 5% of my characters created are not Great bloodlines. I

doubt 30% are Major too, but without counting, I don`t know for sure.

Kenneth Gauck