Gary <geeman@SOFTHOME.NET> wrote:

>The longer answer is some sort of house rules that do things like you`ve

described your own doing. I`ve never really thought the BR rules on roads

made a lot of sense, so I`m curious what it is that you`ve done to make

them less efficient, trade infrequent, etc. Care to describe your house

rules for trade?


It`s not that I`ve made roads less efficient, I`ve just ruled that TR can exist with out roads but then they [the TR`s without roads] are less efficient to represent the less frequent exchange and the longer travel times and the less transportation connections to support the volume of trade, etc..

I`ve never really set down in stone what my House rule is, I just kinda look at the distance between the province`s and the terrains of the provinces and any province`s inbetween and then either reduce the income for the TR (x1/2, x1/3, x1/4, x1/8 etc.) or only give income (albeit the full amount of income) every other turn, or every third turn, or whatever. I`ve tried experimenting both way`s. I haven`t tested either fully enough to decide which is best. Nor have I tested the system enough to make a rule to decide exactly how terrains and distances effect the income, I still just kinda wing-it to decide this one is reduced this much and this one that much more.

Greg W.


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