Welcome back, Lee. In my own Rjurik campaign, I have explored druidical

shamanism, or druids interactions in the shadow/spirit world. As you may

know, one aspect of shamanism is the dream world as a portal to the spirit

world and other worlds. As such I`ve picked up Green Ronin`s _The Shaman`s

Handbook_, Mongoose`s _Shamans_ and _Fey Magic_, as well as Atlas Games

_Occult Lore_.

Occult Lore has rules for dream combat, as well as prophecy and dream


Both Shaman guides have PrC`s for dream specialist shamans, with rules for

using dreams and encounters in the dream world.

I relate the seeming in the Shadow World with its own connection with the

dream world, which I regard as a semi-permiable demi-plane between this

world and the Shadow World.

Is this the kind of direction you are interested in going?

Kenneth Gauck