At 10:30 PM 12/13/2003 -0600, Kenneth Gauck wrote:

>Has anyone seen anything more sophisticated for crafting? I`d like to make

>tool crafting, but especially weapon crafting, a bit more interesting. Not

>the mechanics, the results.

This might not be quite what you`re looking for, but I use a system of

mastercraft and masterpiece equipment that uses the stats of the item (its

damage potential, AC bonus, etc) as the basis of the cost of producing such

an item in my version of the Craft skill. Here`s the text of that section:

Masterwork, Masterpiece and Mighty Items: The price of a masterwork,

masterpiece or mighty item depends on the amount of work that has to go

into it. To find the cost of masterwork or masterpiece melee or thrown

missile weapons first determine the Damage Assessment of the weapon by

taking the maximum amount of damage the weapon can do and plus a modifier

for the extra damage the weapon does on a critical hit. Add +2 for each

digit under 20 of the weapon`s critical threat, and add +2 for each

multiplier above x2 of the weapon`s critical damage. For instance, a

scimitar has a Damage Assessment of 6 (1d6 damage) + 4 (for its 18-20

critical threat range) = 10. A scythe has a Damage Assessment of 8 (2d4

damage) +4 (for its x4 critical damage) = 12.

The cost of mighty bows is determined by picking the mighty bonus on

Table ??. A composite longbow, mighty +2 would cost 400gp (100gp base cost

+ 300gp mighty cost increase.) Only composite bows can be made mighty.

To find the cost of masterwork or masterpiece armor locate the armor

bonus on Table ?? and find the cost increase to the right. Chainmail, for

example, has an armor bonus of +5, so masterpiece chainmail costs 750gp

(150gp base cost + 600gp masterpiece cost increase.)

Masterwork, Masterpiece and Mighty Weapons.

Damage Mighty MW/Mighty MP

Assessment Short/Long AC Bonus Cost Cost

3 +1 50gp 100gp

4 +2 100gp 200gp

6 +1/+0 +3 150gp 300gp

8 +2/+1 +4 200gp 400gp

10 +3/+2 +5 300gp 600gp

12 --/+3 +6 400gp 800gp

14 --/+4 +7 600gp 1,200gp

16 --/+5 +8 800gp 1,500gp

18 --/+6 +9 1,000gp 2,000gp

Masterwork and masterpiece melee, thrown or non-bow ranged weapons are

+1 and +2 respectively on attack rolls. Masterwork and masterpiece costs

are for each end of a double weapon. A masterpiece dwarven ungrosh costs

750gp (50 base cost + 400 masterpiece increase for the d8 axe end + 300

masterpiece increase for the d6 spear end.)

Masterwork and masterpiece projectiles (arrows, bolts, bullets) increase

their range increment by 10` and 20`. The increased cost above is for 20

such projectiles (half the cost if crossbow bolts or sling bullets are

bought in sets of 10.)

Masterwork and masterpiece armor reduce armor check penalties by 1 or 2

respectively. A masterpiece chain shirt, for instance, has no armor check

penalty. Masterwork or masterpiece armor can never give a positive armor

check penalty.