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    Originally posted by Osprey@Nov 20 2003, 03:42 PM
    I also think it can be an interesting story for a PC to become an awneshegh. For one thing, there's no prohibition against evil PC's in BR, and secondly you don't have to be evil to become an just gets harder and harder not to be as you become more monstrous and deal with those consequences. But since the transformation tends to be a gradual process for some (many, even) awnshegh, it can be great PC story material in many ways: the struggle to resist the physical changes, the secret enjoyment of the new powers and the temptation to use them in difficult or challenging situations, the struggle to keep the monstrosities hidden and pass oneself off as human for as long as possible, the struggle to not become evil yet the increasing difficulties in not doing so...the list goes on and on. Personally, I consider this FAR more interesting than the voluntary process of becoming ershegh. That, by contrast, is almost boring, although there are some good social possibilities during the transformation and afterwards, such as the social stigmas of being more and more inhuman and freakish, being mistaken for an awnsheghlien, etc.

    Either way, a good PC roleplayer and DM could have a great time playing someone going through the transformation, and if a system is created to keep things somewhat balanced, it's concievable (especially with the help of some disguising illusion magic) that the monstrous character could remain playable for a good long time!
    Sort of true in the no restrictions on being evil, but the BoR leans towards the opposite.

    pg 25 "First, unless the character's of good alignment and (in the DM's opinion) has acted scrupulously in accordance with that alignment during his adventureing career, his alignment immediately changes to that of the awnshegh he killed (or some evil alignment, if the awnshegh was on of the rare neutral abominations of Cerilia)." It goes on under the more general transformation process, since this was out of the when a scion kills an awnshegh process, to describe how it is the commiting of acts of evil or vile deeds that causes the transformation - as a reward from Azrai's blood for behaving in an evil manner. (i.e., the scion is going to the dark side).

    Something else I found in the BoR

    pg 26 "The bloodform ability, which engenders the physical transformation of an awnshegh, can manifest at any time in a scion of Azrai." This latter statement tends to support the a scion must have bloodform to transform into an awshegh.
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    I follow what you are saying what I was leaning towards was a system that would allow you to folllow your own ideas on creating Awnesegh. I dont know if you have had a chance to read Savage Species yet but that book really gives some good rules for creating Monsters from non monsters. This creates a basic ground work for you to build apon. If you want a creature that begins to become more and more like a displacer beast give him levels of the db class. This just gives us a starting block for everyone to use. One good thing about doing this is we could publish stats online that everyone would be able to use.
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