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    Announcing another new Birthright PBeM.

    Lyndon Baugh and myself are starting up a PBeM set in the South Coast and Eastern Marches of Anuire.

    Those intersted in playing can find the list of available domains at:

    We strongly suggest you list 2 or 3 domains and include a brief note on that regent's goals and ambitions for the game. We are asking that all players play the regents listed in Ruins of Empire, and play them as they are described there. (No homicidal, military expansionist Medoere's please&#33

    Please send requests / submissions in to either Lyndon or myself by November 22. We are hoping to have the player list confirmed by November 30 and begin play shortly afterwards. All PC regents will be between 3rd and 8th level to avoid characters whose personal power may be unbalancing during game play.

    This game is taking place in part because a game I was going to be running with John Machin will not be starting anymore. People who had been accepted into that game will be getting first dibs on regents for the new game, but some are not returning and we envisage there being at least a few free places (if not more).

    Domain rules will be largely based on 2nd edition Birthright modified slightly to 3.5 edition d20. The game itself will use D&D 3.5.

    DM email for the new game is:

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    Just announcing that the South Coast / Eastern Marches PBeM that I am running with Lyndon Baugh is no longer accepting player submissions.

    Our player list has now been finalised, though if you are still interested in the game feel free to contact us. As players inevitably drop out for one reason or another, or we widen the realms covered at some point in the future, we will notify you.

    Thanks to all those who applied.

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