On Saturday, January 30, 1999 10:39 PM I posted the library of one of my

players. I repost it below:

One player`s library included:

Konstanz Mörder`s Guide to the Knife

Havard Stangbore`s On Herbs and their Properties

Haswan`s Treatise on Herbalism

Fioravant`s Handbook of Purgation

Johann Battista`s Natural Magic

Jerrik Broden`s Gemstones and their Properties

Pieter Bairon`s Medical Secrets

Nafud Al Khali`s Medical Secrets of the Maestians

Danita Kusor`s Secrets of Anatomy (from before she became famous)

Sadira jem Naffri`s Reverence of Avani

Arlen Bram`s History of the Cloisters of Ruornil

William Eamon`s Collection of Famous Anurian Orations

Philip Wedbridge`s Guide to Court Etiquette

Johann Fassbender`s Courtly Protocal in Brechtür

Armand Valence`s History of the Eastern Marches

I noted, back in those 2e days, "You can probably guess the class, kit,

profession, and primary avocation of this character by now."

I expect that in addition to books on history, religion, and magic, there

are armorials with coats of arms depicted, books of days (agricultural books

that are a guide to planting, farming, and solving common farm problems,

generally aimed at the gentleman), genealogies, law books, guides of every

kind (how to find the best mate, how to win with rapier, how to ride horses,

how to brew potions, how to run a guild, how to be prince, how to navigate

the Passage of Thale, &c, &c, &c), recipie books for cooking, classic

literature (there must be at least one epic poem of the events of Deismaar),

and a smattering of other things.

Kenneth Gauck