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    At 05:44 PM 11/6/2003 +0100, the Falcon wrote:

    > [/QUOTE]
    Quote Originally Posted by geeman, Fri, 6 Sep 2002 12:16:58 -0700
    The following

    > skill description would replace any bloodline detection spells and

    > abilities. It would be a class skill for wizards and sorcerers,

    > cross-class for everyone else. Note: The version of Skill Emphasis I use

    > makes the skill emphasized a class skill for that character no matter

    > what class s/he levels up in, so by using a feat any character could gain

    > access to this skill as a class skill.

    >Why not just a Detect Bloodline feat (or something with a better name)

    >that gives you access to the stuff below through Sense Motive and Bluff?

    That could work. It`s something of a standard in 3e to extend the use of

    existing skills rather than come up with new ones, so most folks would

    probably prefer to handle it that way. Personally, I`m loathe to extend

    the use of existing skills to cover new tasks, particularly into such a

    broad area as bloodline. I`d rather tweak the skill list than tweak an

    individual skill. In this case, I don`t really get a Sense Motive or Bluff

    kind of vibe off of the ability to track a blooded character, or discern

    information about his/er bloodline, so an entirely different skill (or a

    class ability that functioned like one) is my preference. Besides, there

    were a couple of other skills that I wrote up having to do with bloodline

    that I rather liked, so I`d keep it a skill as part of an overall D20

    version of things....

    >I think the whole mechanic is okay, but I was thinking more along the

    >lines of detect magic for the bloodhunter`s Detect Bloodline

    >ability. I could use the stuff above for fleshing out the bloodhunter`s

    >Bloodsense ability, though.

    If you want to use an existing skill and a feat rather than have a new

    skill you might use Spellcraft since that`s the skill Detect Magic uses,

    and that has a more direct connection to the magical/divine energy of

    bloodline that does either Bluff or Sense Motive.


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    How about a feat thet would alow you to use difrent skills for difrent tasks.

    and combonation of thees in order to be sucsesfull.


    youll need a rank in 'know blood' in order to do a 'gather info'

    then you migth need 'know blood' and some 'know Nobility' in orderto do your 'sense motive' to figure out whether a blooded person in trying to hide thet he is blooded when chatting.


    a feat alowing you to gain a lot of sinergy bonuses from all sorts of combonations to have a better chance in sucseading in finding the blooded one. And even gaining you an extra +2 bonus on one of the skills.


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