At 10:44 PM 10/31/2003 +0100, the Falcon wrote:

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"Did you have any

speciali abilities in mind? Favored opponent: Scion or something like

that might be good. An ability to track scions might make some


Yeah, I was thinking along the lines of something like Favored Enemy

(scion) or something like that. Also, I thought about giving the

bloodhunter the ability to sense the presence of a bloodline, like the

paladin`s detect evil or the elf`s ability to automatically notice secret

doors. Haven`t though out the details yet. What do you


Sorry it`s taken me a bit to respond....

A while back I wrote up a

<a href="http://oracle.wizards.com/scripts/wa.exe?A2=ind0209A&L=birthright-l&P=R6891">Detect

Bloodline</a> skill. This might be a good place for something like

that, especially if one had a class ability for the bloodhunter that

allowed them to use that skill the same way Wilderness Lore/Survival

presently interacts with the Track feat.