Hello everyone. This is my first post for quite some time, but I`m still following the list with interest.

Falcon wrote:

>>But the blurb is okay, though?<<

Generally , I like the pretext of your class, but I see one problem:

It seems that the Swordhawk created this organization for his own benefit. Yet you write:

>>some bloodhunters have moved away from Massenmarch and found different employment. Where in Massenmarch their sole purpose is to increase the Swordhawk`s power, abroad they find their assignments much more varied. Appreciated for their unequalled ability to track down the blooded, their work can involve anything from safely retrieving a wandering heir to rescuing a kidnapped noble. Above all, they are valued for their unswerving loyalty to their employer; be it the Swordhawk or a noble king, a bloodhunter never questions her order and always carries them out faithfully.<<

How would the Swordhawk react if one of his most valued servants left the ranks to find employment elsewhere? I don`t think he would be amused and the would-be freelancer would probably earn his wrath and the enmity of his former comrades. This makes the class somewhat restricted to NPCs and the region of Massenmarch, unless you have a player willing to risk regular assasination attempts by other bloodhunters or other agents of the Swordhawk.

The second objection I have is with the Favored enemy (Scion) ability. I always thought that the boni a ranger receives against favoured enemies are based on knowledge. A ranger knows his enemies well, their culture, customs, habits and their physiology (did I spell that right?).

To my mind Scions are too diverse a group to qualify for this bonus. After all, what have a blooded orog chieftain and a refined guilder have in common besides being blooded?

The favoured enemy ability at least needs a little more descriptive justification. Why do Bloodhunters get this ability against a group ranging from a `normal` human to creatures like the boar and the Seadrake?

Christoph Tiemann