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The Birthright Webring is dedicated to the AD&D campaign world set on the world of Aebrynis

Hi, all

br This page hosts the e

group moderated by me. It`s called Birthright Brazil and is intended to gather all Brazilian or Portuguese

speakers players devoted to Birthright into an unique place. My objective is to form a close community of people who can share their experience and ideas regardless of distance. So, get in&#33;

Young Bloods This website chronicles the events occuring in the lives of a small group of scions from the spring of 551MR in the southern marches of Cerilia To the list. It`s my player`s secrets to Taeghas book, among other things (a Mebhaighl Gauth which eats sources . . . 2nd edition, never updated).

The Wildlands A Birthright PBeM Game. Introduction This game is the mountainous region spanning the border between Brechtur and the Rjurik Highlands. These lands are neatly bordered by a collection of powerful NPC realms, effectively cutting them off from the rest of the world except by sea travel. Certainly no one bar an adventurous fool would try to cross the Gorgon`s Crown, Kiergard, and Massenmarch to travel from Dauren to Müden and in the north, the cultural and geographical barriers are just as great. So most travel will be kept within the region, or take place by ship.

This Page is the Front Page of "Dukediem" Who or what are Dukediem? Duke Diem is the name of the ruler of the realm Diemed in the great Ad&D setting Birthright. Over the years I`ve for some, become more or less known as Dukediem, since I`ve used that as my IRC nick, got a lot of different email

addresses which start with dukediem@.... And of course I have, and are, played Duke Diem in a lot of different Birthright PBeM`s.

This has moved somewere/ or is nomore&#33;

History of the Angelicae The Angelicae in Imperial Times The Angelicae after Michael Roele Irullian Angelicas

What I think about the verious books, and a small summary

Page last updated on : 9/1/99 A book detailing the lands of Mieres Battle Cards Here is a file submitted by Alaric. The file br

ideas.doc contains new BR spells and magic items. Very cool, check them out Here are some other very useful files&#33; 7k : An income generator 55k : A tax generator program 6k : An Domain Event Generator More items will appear later on, stay tuned

a page with few links Birthright Page Welcome to my Birthright page. Here you can find the articles I wrote for Birthright campaigns

Birthright Downloads/Links Our gamemaster has written a 60+ page document describing the third edition Birthright rules he uses. If you are interested in participating in the editing of this document, or if you just want the information it contains, you can download it from You can also find his excellent character sheet generator there. It is designed for Birthright characters, specifically, but is also applicable to general third edition characters Birthright Downloads/Links "I try to express my lust for violence and nasty sense of humor through role

playing games, instead of alienating my friends. Well, usually. Anyway, I`ve been gaming since third grade or so, but only in college did I start role

playing. Before that, I just played with numbers. These days, I like to think I`m actually into character and stuff."

Anonymous Docs and PDF files

The campaign takes place in Roesone, a barony of Anuire in the Birthright campaign world. Teried Roesone was the baron of Roesone when the game started; this campaign follows the adventures of the heir to the barony, his eldest child, Kaylidria (Marlae in the published campaign setting, though our game bears little resemblance to that module). It has recently come to our attention that people other than the seven of us who are involved are reading this site. So... welcome&#33; Apparently, this game holds the distinction of being the longest running third edition Birthright campaign.

To succesfully view this page use a `popup stopper` CERILIA ON THE NET AZRAI HAS CURSED THIS LAND WITH HIS BLOOD. THOSE WHO SURVIVED THE DESTRUCTION OF THE GODS NOW CLAIM THEIR POWER. ITS THEIR BIRTHRIGHT. Lodse of poppup ads and stupit Flash created by Serynir. Go rather directly to

links from






A 3E Birthright PBeM Crown II will use the 3E conversion manual by Travis Doom as it`s rules set. I urge you all to download it and peruse throuh it to familiarize yourself with the content. If your browser does not support javascript, then you can find the domain menu, war rules, troop information, and history outlines through this link: The "You Don`t Have Java so Can`t see Half the Site Menu"

In August, 2000, I decided to start running a Birthright game again. For those who don`t know Birthright, it`s an AD&D game with a twist: in it, your player character is a regent, or ruler, of a domain. Any particular character class can be what is termed a landed regent, meaning they can rule a collection of provinces formerly part of the Anuirean Empire, which disintegrated 551 years ago with the death of the Emperor Michael Roele at the hands of the Gorgon (one seriously bad

assed villain who still happens to be alive). (see below) a Birthright Oriental Setting, (not wery active thow)

Since Sierra Online stopped supporting Birthright: The Gorgon`s Alliance, the game`s character and scenario editors have become almost impossible to find. This website`s specific purpose is to act as a static download point for these hard to find files. Additionally, the game`s latest patch is also available for download. This file will update the game`s artificial intelligence, correct many of the game`s bugs, and will add additional game features that were previously deactivated or not present. The patch is a full release, so you don`t require any previous patch versions to upgrade the game successfully.

The Cartographer`s Guild Anuire Cities of the Sun Havens of the Great Bay Rjurik Highlands Vosgaard Miscellaneous Maps

The Official Home of the Worldwide Diplomacy Hobby

Characters of the Taelshore

Welcome to the BirMail example data. BirMail is a computerised manager to help run Birthright role

playing games by keeping track of all domains along with functions to help a DM run their own campaign. For more details about the BirMail system visit

a page about WIT

I cant manage this one.. &#33;&#33;&#33;

Kingslayers II: Whispers of Glory An Anuirean Birthright 3rd Edition D&D PBeM No longer accepting players for the moment. Game Update: I`m still deciding on which rules from the d20 system I will be using. I will not be starting the game until I`m satisfied I have a workable rules system in place.

The Colony of Mieres

The Imperial Archive Updated October 19, 2003: (Added Society of Anuire)

Hello..... Welcome to the Web Page of Alan De Rosi.. I hope to expand it into a worthwhile page for at least friends to check it out and tell me what you think... I am open to all comments...Always willing & wanting to try to improve... Special Shouts to those that have helped me with my Page in some way or another goes to : Deano H, Rich, Paul D, Wayne LAST UPDATED The 22nd November 2000

Reign of Fire Scion Forge character and domain sheets due 27th July, 2003, Midnight, GMT. Domain sheets must have the small history part at the end that would give us the major past, present and future schemes you hope to realize. Afterwards, you shall have the sheets returned and required to submit turn 2 report in a few days. Use ONLY required forms. For players not knowing the state of their domain, use Ruins of Empire sourcebook.

Shattered Dreams of Empire

Birthright Play By Email

Welcome to the official website for the Dungeons and Dragons setting of Mystara. Inside you will find a great deal of new material which furthers the Mystara setting. The official websites for the other Dungeons and Dragons settings are accessible through the Wizards of the Coast Other Worlds page

Note: This site is still gradually being filled up with content, and the layout is still being played with also. Expect that the navigation bar on the left will fill up as things are added, and that the site layout may change (or break) some times. PBEM

The Mabinogin Night of Fire PBEM Years of intermittent warfare and strife have little changed the world from that is presented in the Ruins of Empire sourcebook. However, there are small changes here and there to specific realms: assassination, retirements, promotions, and gambits for power that have ousted some, while others have seen their fortunes rise. Players may create new regents but this is not specifically encouraged. If a new regent is created, the player will need to give the DM a public write

up that gives a good feel for how that regent will be played. No regents step out of a vacuum. Other players should not be penalized because someone wants a new regent, so make sure that your background gives the same kind of feel for the new character as people would have for a regent written up in RoE.

Eye of the Storm PBEM The Great Bay has always been wracked with violent storms. In between, times of respite; to rebuild and prosper. The last true great storm was the Death of Roele, the fall of the Anuirean Empire. Ever since, the shores and seas of the Krakennauricht have been relatively peaceful. Yet sailors and regents alike spy storm clouds gathering on the horizon. An old saying goes that the next storm shall be the worst to ever befall man. This time, it may prove to be cruelly true...

The Gulf States A PBeM set in the Gulf of Coeranys Region The Gulf of Coeranys lies on the axis of the continent of Cerilia. Along its shores the territories of the three civilized human cultures meet. It is a region of cultural exchange and of trade, of diversity and intrigue. Temples to seven of Cerilia`s dieties gaze out at the tepid waters of that flow into the Gulf from the Sea of the South. Two of the great awnsheghlien also make their homes here, a lingering threat to the kingdoms and guilds who seek two maintain trade routes and reap their rewards. However, as always, the greatest threats come from the humans themselves. To the north Rohrmarch lurches onward into another season of civil war and strife, while in the southwest Jaison Raenech seeks to consolidate his hold on Osoerde and hungrily eyes his neighbors.

Archives of BIRTHRIGHT

L@ORACLE.WIZARDS.COM Birthright Roleplaying Game Discussion November 2003, week 1 October 2003, week 5 October 1999, week 1 September 1999, week 5 Note: this is the same discussion list as in the Forums of


Anuire in Flames PBEM

RPG Archive Home Brewed Adventures Birthright

Welcome to the Atlas of Rhymchaeld. In these pages you can find descriptions and maps of all the major kingdom and islands found on Rhymchaeld Page Design by Ian Hoskins. Last Updated: 04/09/98

SVGames, LLC is a privately

held company located just outside Seattle, WA. It is owned and operated by the same Award

Winning Team that managed Wizards of the Coast`s Online Store for 4 years.

Beyond the shores of imagination lies the Emerald City of Seattle, a perfect training ground for wizards. Here, you`ll believe in the impossible when you see giant birds of steel learning to fly and mermaids of java on every corner. Here, the sun shines only for those who have cultivated the art of patience. Just outside of Seattle is a little town called Renton, where the "Wizards of the Coast" work and practice and play. Each wizard has a magical story to tell, for the miles of yellow brick roads that brought them to the Emerald City are crooked and rocky ones. But the wizards` favorite story of all is the one about the great wizard Peter and his friends, who never gave up on their dream to make magic, and who taught the rest of us to believe.

This is my home for Advanced Dungeon and Dragons. I will be continually updating information and adding to the page, so you might want to book mark the area. The list is starting small, but hopefully it will grow quickly&#33; I am a fan of the original D&D system. The one in the yellow hard back books for those that don`t know anything other than 2nd edition. Most of the items on this page are formatted for the original system, but it is easily converted to the 2nd edition. I will accept items for post from either system, so I don`t leave any one out. I am also looking for the older books to buy, or if you have any before the hardback books, I would be very interested. Now that the third edition is released, I have broken my page into two sections. One for the older version and one for third edition. I will try to convert the older material for third, but that is going to take time. Any one who would like to tackle it for me. Go ahead.

AD&D, 1st Edition by Scott Casper Bryant, the Webmaster of Titan Gaming, asked me if I could come up with some ideas for a column for his site. I thought, and thought, then looked at Titan Gaming again. Well, there were my ideas

the games themselves&#33; So, here`s my first of what could be a series of essays on a game near and dear to my heart. Also, I`m aware that a column was recently done on 1st ed. AD&D in Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine #74, but


I`m four issues behind and haven`t read it yet.

Stop&#33; This is the Dark Shadow`s Gate, and by proceeding you will be entering Dark Shadow`s Domain. You will be at your own risk, and damage to your physical integrity is possible to occur. If you dare face the darkest face of evil, the deepest shadow, then take a step. If you are like the others who came before this gate and feared to proceed, then turn around and walk away

The Archmage`s Tower Home of Solmyr, Archmage of the Azure Star

There`s more to role

playing than hack and slash&#33; If you have any useful info. that you would like me to look at or you have any contributions to possibly publish or if you find any broken links please email them to me

Welcome, traveler, to "In the Shadows of Deismaar" a Birthright PBeM that started in the beginning of 1999 and is currently running with all Anuire. Here, Cerilia, the Gorgon and even the Gods are alive and few things remain exactly like in the rulebook "Ruins of Empire." Many regents died and new regents took their places, wars were won and lost, new realms appeared out of nothing. Kings, merchant princes, high priests and mages, everybody is plotting, scheming, seeking more power, gold and regency... some even dream with the Iron Throne&#33; Are you ready to unveil the secrets of Anuire and forge your own destiny?

Welcome to Aaron`s RPG Aids and Extras&#33; All of my aids and extras are now in the forum. This is a new forum, so you will be one of the first to sign up. I hope that you find something to help your gaming there. Feel free to add any comments you may have to the items there. If you have something that you feel might be helpful or fun for someone else, please feel free to post it in the forum. The more people that share the more we all can make our games better. If a there is a game not listed here that you wish to see here, just let me know. I will post things for any RPG. Post any questions or requests for assistance you may need in the forum. The forum does require registration. I am sure that you can find many suggestions on how to make Game Masters cringe and Player Characters flee screaming&#33; Happy Gaming&#33; Aaron

Campaign Background

This campaign is centred on Coeranys, the Realm of Mist, traditionally an unimportant kingdom at the fringe of the eastern marches. Darien Avan spent some years in his youth as regent of Coeranys. Though no one can put the blame on him, the realm suffered from more intruiges during his time than at any other time. The current plot line began in the year 1499, when his last plot put Lady Eluvie Cariele on the throne. ... Last update Thu, Oct 18, 2001.

Updates: (October 1, 2000)

I will soon be getting around to finishing this page. I will also be rewriting most everything on this site to increase the level of quality in the writing. Also of note: The Askarus and Semara files have disappeared because I accidentally replaced them with a holding list for a Khinasi PBEM I ran. So I will have to rewrite the Askarus and Semara domain from the ground up, being as the original files are on an old, obsolete, and dismantled computer. A side note: If I misspell an important word like: "Archipelago," someone please tell me. I don`t like having misspelled a word like that for the last year.

Eagle Reaches (Aduria Frontier City) Brookgames owns this ezboard This Board is currently underconstruction and may be out of action for some time. Please visit the BrookGames message board for more details.

Misk Roleplay links what helps me get into character.

need some facts about RL religion

The Nine Satanic Sins by Anton Szandor LaVey ©1987

The ArtMagick Collection presents artists from the 19th and 20th centuries whose work can be primarily classified as Pre

Raphaelite or Symbolist. Common themes for their paintings are ones drawn from mythology and literature. Many of the artists found here are very obscure and almost completely forgotten today. Use the navigation links to the left to delve into the past to rediscover the lost beauty of their works.

Nietzsche Beyond Good And Evil Part Nine : What Is Noble?

a stupid personality test


Øyvind Grønnesby <oyving> This page is old as hell. For a more updated version, go here:

From the side some links here are broken&#33;&#33; and I have mentiond some of theme as well here afor.


Reign of Fire Set in Anuire. Cool Map page

Innocense Lost Another game set in Anuire. Alot of openings [May 5th, 2003]

Leicester Birthright PBeM 2 New Game from the people that brought you le_br

Ruins of Empire I do believe this game is active and has openings.

In the Shadows of Deismaar PBeM using Birthright 3rd Edition rules

Year 558MR.

Lands of the Holy Suns Run by Solymr?excellent DM, get in if you can [Un awailable]

The Mists of Avalon II (Non

BR World, but using BR System) I think this is still active

Heir of the Fallen Empire II Was an excellent first run, looking forward to this one. [Un awailable]

SOME GENERAL BITHRIGHT PAGES Official Birthright Page A must see page, the future of Birthright starts here.

Brazilian Birthright Yahoo Group

br I group for players from Brazil to talk about our favorite game.

World of Enothril What a great world. I am so jealous that Solymr has the time and the knowledge to create awesome games in his world. Still good for information on Solymr?s world.

Bloodsilver An excellent page, [Currently unawailable]

Lawgiver`s Chambers New ideas for Birthright, check it out.

Taeghas Sourcebook Players creation, [Last updated: 04/16/2002]

Doom?s BR Storage Birthright 3e download and other goodies.

The Taelshore A Players creation

The Imperial Archive Pretty interesting stuff, a DM/Players creation. [Updated October 19, 2003]

The Jade Empire An attempt at a Campaign Setting, I hope the crew lends a hand and we make this work.

Oriental Message Board The message board for the Oriental Birthright Setting. Visit and give your idea.

BirMail PBeM computer organiser Birthright Computerised Campaign Manager. A program to help run Birthright campaigns.