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    BTW: Druids also cannot cast Cure Unit, and neither can evil clerics. The requirement for the spell is the ability to Turn Undead (not Rebuke Undead and Druids can't turn). I think this is stupid.
    if I were an evil cleric, way in hell would I not cure my evil units?

    I see the fact of evil as somone who uses everything with no regard to morals or ethics.

    Well, if you like to replace the cure unit with something, it would need to be more powerfull, like sacrifice unit

    then the sacrifice unit would reduce the moral of (all) enemy units by 1 !!! witch could give you the edge you need.

    perhaps we could use some limits on how many units will lose there moral. or even, if one unit could lose more then 1 moral point.

    then perhaps only the units on the feal are afected, and not the onse in reserv.


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    I think that the turn dead requirement was a mistake. The spell is listed as being castable by both clerics and druids. It doesn't make sense to deprive anyone who can both cast divine realm spells and normal cure spells from being able to cast divine realm curing spells.
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