There is still one available domain in the RoE PBeM, the Spider River

Traders. The SRT has done well so far, and has extensive holdings, a

good income, few enemies, and good relations with several powerful

realms. Siele Ghoried, the regent, was recently made Countess of Ghoried

(a vassal of the Baroness of Roesone), so the domain is sort of landed


Should be an interesting domain, if one likes to use vast wealth to

manipulate those less fortunate :-)

Contact me at

if you`re interested.



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Subject: Openings for guilders in the RoE PBeM


There are still openings in the Ruins of Empire PBeM. Two guilds, the

Spider River Traders and the Southern Anuire Shipping and Imports, are

still available.

Indeed, I`m experiencing great difficculty in getting players for

guilds. I don`t knoww why, but guilders aren`t very attractive it seems.

Both domains have extensive holdings, generate a lot of wealth, and span

several realms. They are smack in the middle of the action, and should

provide endless opportunity for interesting play.

Anyone interested, contact me at






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