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    Hey folks, just wondering where I can find more detailed info on the Giantdowns - i.e., which supplements (if any) and where might I get a copy?

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    1 /> ory=44112

    [quote ]from owner:

    This auction is for a nice lot of AD&D Birthright boxed sets and modules

    that are in absolutely excellent condition. Included in the auction are:

    "Havens of the Great Bay" boxed set, which includes a 96-page

    sourcebook, full color poster, 110 UNUSED war cards, and six cardsheets.

    "Naval Battle Rules: the seas of cerilia", which includes a 16-page

    sourcebook, 51 UNUSED naval war cards featuring game statistics for the

    vessels of all the lands of Cerilia, counters indicating crew capacity

    and ship movement rates, and a full-color, poster-sized naval battle mat

    for ship-to-ship combat. "Legends of the Hero-Kings", a nice 160-page

    collection of great adventures. Finally, there is "King of the

    Giantdowns", a great 64-page adventure. All of these books are from my

    personal collection and are in excellent condition. Please email with

    any additional questions. I accept money orders and PayPal for payment.

    Buyer agrees to pay $6.00 for shipping within the lower 48 states,

    actual shipping anywhere else. I am auctioning a large collection of D&D

    products and will be happy to combine shipping if you win multiple

    items, so please check out my other auctions! Thanks for bidding and

    good luck!


    hope this helps


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    > Osprey wrote:

    > Hey folks, just wondering where I can find more detailed info on the

    > Giantdowns - i.e., which supplements (if any) and where might I get a

    > copy?-Osprey



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