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> Anyone have thoughts on this?

I am intrigued. My own conversion of BR involved goblin levels, and using

racial levels for the humans is just a step up from using regional feats.

Once can immediatly see the outlines of such a thing - Rjurik and Vos get

improved Fortitude saves, Anuireans get Will saves, and Brecht and Khinasi

get Reflex. Using save bonuses in the form of regional feats was nice, but

too few people took them to give them the ubiquitious character that ability

score modifications in 2e had. Lots of skills for Brecht and Khinasi (the

former commercially oriented, the later knowledge oriented), and so it goes.

The thing is, for the most part the various nations already suit existing

classes so well, it seems all that is needed is regional feats. Now if the

class lists were 3 level or 5 level one might be able to put in sufficient

class features and other developmental goodies (the saves, skill points) to

justify them against Brecht rogues, Anuirean nobles, and Khinasi wizards.

One thing that would be interesting to try and do would be to make the class

design broader than the PC interest and usable for *any* Anuirian, Rjurik,

or Vos. A class where you would be satisfied to have levels for PC`s,

NPC`s, or Villians alike.

The setting Septentrionalis had some character bonuses you added on top of

character design. Such things could be added into this class structure to

remove any of those early goddies. I would imagine class structure would be

designed for the begining character and so could focus on "what would a

starting Khinasi probabaly and want to know that would be useful". If

players give it serious consideration, but not everyone is maxing it out,

its probabably both balanced and useful.

Kenneth Gauck