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> AD&D had an assumption of equal or near equal non-combat skills


> of level - that is Rogr Algondier had a boatload of skills even though he

> was low level because level did not have much of a factor on skills

> especially when everyone (by and large) is restricted to the lower levels.

My own solution is to give these characters non-adventuring class levels

sufficient to my own estimation of how many character levels they should


> In 3E, skill and savvy (realm feats like Regent Focus or leadership type

> feats) are directly tied to the level and class(s) of a character.

In terms fo realm savvy, many fewer levels of political classes will match

fighter or cleric levels of greater number.

> FREX: Daeric Mhoried under 3E or 3.5 will never even be on par with realms

> like Ghoere, Avan, and Boeruine. Those leaders are all 9th level and have

> Warcraft and Lead as class skills.

I`d be inclined to make the Mhor a 2nd Aristocrat/5th Ranger, or a 3 A/ 4 R,


Kenneth Gauck