Transcribed from an interview of Sir Habron Massena of the Archduke`s

Northern Patrol:

"It was a vile, snakey thing we saw that day, my lord. It was larger than

the eastern holiphaunt or the giants that roam the Northlands. It attacked

in the glooming of the evening, but it was light enough for me to see it

clear. Black it was, as if spawn in some hellish pit of the deep and hove

out by its own dark mother. It emerged from the earth itself in an

explosion of dirt and stone. After, it went on it`s belly, undulating

along with a deep hissing sound. The earth was burnt in a smoking trail in

its wake. It`s breath was hot as the blast of a furnace bellows and stunk

most foully. The smell was of charred flesh and sulfur. Enough to make

hardened warriors go pale and retch it was. My gorge rises at it still...

a moment I beg you...."

"Your pardon, lord... I can continue.... Arms it had but no legs. It`s

torso became a long, reptilian tail that propelled it along with shocking

speed for a creature of its size. The arms were long and thickly muscled

with short and strong fingers, held together they formed a kind of

flipper. It held its arms tucked in close to its body as it slithered its

way towards us through the bush. Later, it used clawed hands to shred the

flesh of the men and horses it had crushed. Some that it ate were not yet

dead as it devoured them. Oh, gods, the only sound worse than their

screams was the sound of its jaws worrying through the quick of their

flesh. It left the bones behind, burnt black by the heat of its mouth.

"It was perhaps the height of six or seven men in length, and as it

slithered it was perhaps the seventeen hands high at its shoulder and

neck. When it reared up to attack it towered over a mounted knight. This

I know for I saw that it would fall down upon them crushing man and beast

as one.

"The men fought valiantly, lord, to this I can attest, but it was as if we

fought a beast of olden days. A legendary beast from the time of antiquity

when giants strolled the earth and dragons ruled all. It seemed impervious

to our blows. Captain Dunna fell quickly at the head of the column. Then

all was madness and a riot of death as it tore into us. My own lance was

turned by its scaly hide as if it were clothed not in flesh, but sheathed

in the strongest metal. It gave me these wounds and I fell into the swamp

where I lay between life and death for I know not how long while it

consumed my companions and their mounts. I believe I am the only one to

survive, and I know not why it overlooked me lying helpless in the

puddle. Perhaps it spared me because it was merely sated. I know not. I

know only that we face a terrible danger, my lord, for the beast dove into

the very ground when it had finished feeding. It appeared able to burrow

through the earth as easily as a man might swim in the ocean. Who knows

where it might appear next?"

No one knows the origin of the Black Beast. It`s appearance in the

mountains of Boeruine is well documented, however, and the creature seems

loathe to leave that region. Divinatory magics have revealed that the

Beast is an awnshegh rather than a "natural" monster.

The appearance of the Black Beast can be used as a Monsters or Magical

Event random event.

The Black Beast of Boeruine

Gargantuan Awnsheghlien

Hit Dice: 14d8+70 (175 hp)

Initiative: -1 (Dex)

Speed: 30 ft., burrow 10 ft.

AC: 18 (-4 size, +12 natural)

Attacks: Slam +32 or bite +25, 2 claws +17

Damage: Slam 2d12+22 plus 1d6 fire or bite 2d8+15 plus 1d6 fire and claws 1d6+7

Face/Reach: 20 ft./15 ft.

Special Attacks: Burn, stench

Saves: Fort +12, Reflex +4, Will +3

Abilities: Str 40, Dex 10, Con 26, Int 6, Wis 8, Cha 4

Skills: Listen +13

Feats: Power Attack, Cleave, Blind-fight, Great Cleave,

Climate/Terrain: Any land

Organization: Solitary

Challenge Rating: 16

Treasure: None

Alignment: Neutral evil

Blood Abilities: Azrai, minor, 22. Bloodform(Major)

Blood Abilities in BP Format: Az(4/22) BForm(3)

Advancement: By character class


The Black Beast prefers to attack by surprise, bursting from the earth

when targets draw near. When making a charge attack or when attacking as a

full round action he can use his slam attack for 2d10+15 hit points

damage. Otherwise, he attacks with a bit and two claws for 1d8+10 and

1d6+5 hit points damage respectively.

The Black Beast has grown sensitive to bright light and normally attacks

only at night or at dusk.

Burn (Ex): A great heat emanates from the Black Beast`s toothy maw. He

does additional fire damage when delivering his slam or bite attacks.

Stench (Ex): The smell that emanates from the Black Beast is

debilitating to those within a 30 foot radius. A fortitude save (DC 16) is

required to avoid nausea which does 2-7 (1d6+1) strength damage for 10 rounds.