On Wed, 27 Aug 2003, Gary wrote:

> Things like their maximum population level is equal to the source

> potential of the province rather than the maximum level of Table 27 in

> the Rulebook.

Yes, exactly! I`ve used this one for years. The thing to watch out for

is that it means high mountains support as many elves as ancient forests

do, which may or may not fit with your concept of elven environmental

preferences. I vacillate on this issue (not many trees, but they alone

can walk up 45-degree ice sheets); the numbers I`m currently favoring are

5 for normal mountains and 7 for high ones, making them the same as plains

and new-growth forests, but I can see the issue in a variety of ways.

> The difficulty of raising their population level using the Rule action

> should be greater than that of human (or other non-elven) races.

If province level actually measures population *directly*, then most

definitely -- in that case, even human provinces should only be allowed to

be Ruled up once every 30 to 50 years, so the elven number should be

"basically never"! If province level is not *solely* representative of

population, however, less frequent Rule no longer necessarily follows.

In my own favored interpretation (all the people are already there,

province level only indicates infrastructure, loyalty, economic surplus,

etc.), elves might have a slight penalty, but not I think a big one.

Ryan Caveney