At 10:36 PM 8/24/2003 -0600, lordrahvin@SOFTHOME.NET wrote:

>Some of you old-timers out there may remember this, but I`m posting it

>mostly for the benefit of the newer folks, as well as the members of the

> forums who may never have seen it before. It`s a compilation

>of a combined effort from a few of the tinkers on Birthright-L a couple

>years back. I think you`ll like it.


>Specialty Holdings

Well, this is a pretty good example of how a download/article page in

e-zine style could work for BR. There should be some standard formatting

applied to the articles and, of course, someone needs to be put the site

together itself. I`d volunteer myself, but I`m afraid editting and page

design are simply not amongst the things I do very well. Anyone interested

in creating such a page, formatting the articles and posting them?