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    my friend and i are taking part of a large campaing.. its already been going for a year now any way my carector a 4lev fighter/ 4lev cleric goud himselg involved with quiet a delema. he was called back to baruk azik to help escort the new king of the gient downs to my father the hight priest of brans retreat. ANYWAY.... threw a couple of adventures with thes guys we help to fouil the gorgons atemt to grap the ax of the dwarvish lords from a long forgoten stronhold north of baruik and south of mier-kulied. now i have the ax and i dont know what to do.. also im not sure what the 3ed stats are for it..any input would be cool..

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    I don't have any idea what the 3E stats are on the Axe of the Dwarven Lords, but it's rather irrelevant in this case. The axe you were given is an axe of the same name, but was created by the DM, with stats and special abilities he wanted. He should have chosen to call it something else as to not confuse you. Like "Tim" or something like that.
    Although, I too am interested in finding out what the stats for the real Axe of the Dwarven Lords are.
    As for you finding out the stats on the axe he's given you, it will take time. He has made it sentient, with a willpower obviously greater than mine, as I could not fully identify it. It allowed me only to identify the statistics it wanted me to know, hiding the rest from me.

    Good luck and ---- HELP ME GET RID OF THE TAINT!!! h34r:

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    call it a curiosoty then. i was just wondering if anyone had the states.

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    On Thursday, August 28, marcum uth mather wrote:

    > call it a curiosoty then. i was just wondering if anyone had the states.

    I don`t know if the Axe has been officially updated to 3e, but I do have

    the 2e stats, if you`re interested. Here goes:

    The weapon varies between 1.5 and 4 feet long, adjusting itself to its

    wielder`s comfort, and weighs ten pounds.

    It is inscribed in gold with the phrase, "Behold the Fierce Axe! Let

    the enemies of the High King despair!" in archaic dwarven runes.

    Detect magic reveals only "dim power", not the type or true strength

    of the magic of the artifact.

    Detect Evil, Detect Good, Identify, Know Alignment, Locate Object, and

    all similar spells, spell-like powers, and psionic effects reveal

    nothing at all about the Axe.

    Legend Lore, Contact Other Plane and Commune never reveal the Axe`s

    location. They can help uncover its powers, but "provide only cryptic

    answers at best."

    It cannot be destroyed or even damaged at all except by a specific

    process involving the several other dwarven artifacts which were used

    to make it. Mordenkainen`s Disjunction, a Rod of Cancellation, or a

    Sphere of Annihilation might cause it to disappear from its current

    location and reappear in the tomb where it was placed long ago, or might

    not affect it at all (5% or 10% chance to make it go away).

    Unless otherwise noted, the Axe`s powers function even in areas of

    anti-magic, such as within an Antimagic Shell or a beholder`s main

    eye ray.

    It functions as either a short pick or a long axe, and changes its

    length accordingly. Wielders must weigh at least 110 pounds and be at

    least 3`6" tall but no more than 4`6" tall; wielders not meeting the

    height and weight requirements suffer a -1 penalty to all attack rolls

    and lose any combat bonuses from weapon skill (weapon of choice,

    weapon specialization, or weapon mastery).

    Its actual combat bonus varies (see below), but it always functions as

    a +3 weapon for determining which creatures it can harm.

    As a pick, it usually functions as a horseman`s pick +2, but in the

    hands of a dwarf acts as a hammer +3 dwarven thrower. A dwarf can

    hurl the weapon up to 60 yards; the range is always considered short,

    and any combat bonuses from Str, Dex and weapon skill apply. Base

    damage is 2d4+2 vs. man-sized or smaller, and 2d4 vs. larger. Against

    an ogre, ogre mage, troll, ettin, giant or giant-kin, base damage

    increases to 3d4. A dwarf can throw the Axe once per round; hit or

    miss, it always returns at the end of the round.

    When used as an Axe, it has only a +1 bonus to attack and damage, but

    acts as a sword of sharpness, severing limbs or heads on attack rolls

    of 18-20 or above, depending on the target`s size and solidity.

    The Axe has four spell-like powers, which function at the 20th level

    of magic use.

    Once per week, summon a 16HD earth elemental. It serves as a willing

    friend for 20 turns until slain, banished or dismissed by the wielder.

    It follows instructions without requiring concentration on the part of

    the wielder. This power does not function in anti-magic areas.

    Once per month, cast Earthquake (7th-level Priest spell) on an area up

    to 100 feet in diameter and up to 120 yards away. This power does not

    function in anti-magic areas.

    Three times per day, cast Passwall (5th-level Wizard spell) to open a

    passage through stone, plaster, earth or wooden walls. The passage is

    8 feet high, 5 feet wide, up to 20 feet long, and lasts for up to 20

    80 minutes or until dispelled or commanded to close by the wielder.

    This power does not function in anti-magic areas.

    Once per day, petrify an opponent within 200 yards (as per reversed

    Stone to Flesh, 6th-level Wizard spell), or restore a petrified

    creature to normal (unlike Stone to Flesh, it only undoes previous

    petrification; it does not affect normal stone). In an anti-magic

    area, the target must be touched by the Axe.

    Anyone holding the Axe gains the infravision and underground detection

    capabilities of a dwarf (slopes, depth, traps, new construction, etc.).

    If already a dwarf, these abilities are doubled.

    The wielder`s basic lifespan is doubled. The extra years are added to

    the "middle age" category.

    The first time any nondwarf touches the Axe, he permanently loses one

    point of Charisma, unless someone else is already holding it. This

    loss cannot be dispelled, including by a Wish, though the reduced

    Charisma score can then be increased normally by books and such.

    Anytime the Axe wielder holds or carries a magic item, there is a 20%

    chance it will be rendered permanently nonfunctional. Items held or

    carried by other creatures are not affected, nor are spell effects

    (e.g., it can`t dispel a Wall of Force). This power does not affect

    the Axe itself or other artifacts.

    The Axe slowly and inexorably transforms its wielder into a dwarf

    fighter, (yes, class is changed, as well as race) who is 4`1" tall,

    weighs 147 pounds, and has light tan skin, thick coal-black hair, and

    matching beard (even females). [Of course, a Birthright dwarf`s weight

    should be doubled, and its skin be gray, stony and cold.] The rules

    for this are complicated, and depend on how different the wielder`s

    starting height is from the 49-inch endpoint; basically, each week,

    you grow d6 inches closer to the target height, and once you`ve

    reached it, the change is complete. Nothing can prevent or undo this

    transformation, except perhaps the direct intervention of a greater

    god, for which the character would probably have to pay far too high a

    price. The transformation can only be halted (but not reversed!) by

    giving the Axe away to a new owner.

    Most interestingly, the 2e module contains a section on porting the

    adventure to the Birthright campaign setting, which includes bonus

    powers at the realm level of play. A non-dwarf regent wielder gains a

    +1 bonus to Create, Contest or Rule Law holdings in any province whose

    population consists mostly of dwarves. If the regent wielder is a

    dwarf (which includes has been turned into one by the Axe), the bonus

    becomes +1 to *any* domain action in a province whose population

    consists mostly of dwarves.

    As a first approximation to 3e, I`d probably not change its spell-like

    powers, but make its basic weapon type a +3 keen giant-bane battle axe

    of throwing, distance, returning and wounding.

    Does that help?

    Ryan Caveney

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    On Sun, 31 Aug 2003, Ryan B. Caveney wrote:

    > I don`t know if the Axe has been officially updated to 3e,

    It`s in the epic level handbook. A major artifact, +6 keen throwing

    goblinoid-bane dwarven waraxe. Doubles the range of a dwarf`s darkvision,

    gives any nondwarf who holds it 2 points of temporary charisma damage as

    long as they hold it.

    The current owner gains a +10 on craft checks for armorsmithing,

    blacksmithing, gemcutting, stonemasonry, and weaponsmithing. The wielder

    can summon an elder earth elemental (as a summon monster type spell)

    1/week for 20 rounds.


    Daniel McSorley

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