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Aeric of Romiene, the illicit son of Count Romiene, was charged with a

mission: To settle the wildest and untamed region in the continent, the

Giantdowns. This mission was charged to him by the Baroness Fhiele

Dhoesone, regent of Dhoesone and Crown Princess of the elven nation of


Accepting his charge, the Baroness bequeathed him the title of Knight

Bachelor and the nominal of Sir. Aeric, with no house name of his own,

declared a new house, House Crucis.

Now Sir Aeric Crucis gathers the best to help him in his mission...


About our game:

- We post daily (Both the DM and the party caller have sufficient time

to carry the weight of the game)

- This is d20, using the complete playtest rules. (still 3e)

- This is a Birthright game, but it is NOT a domain-only game, in fact

no one starts as a regent.

- Most online roleplayers are very transient, we aren`t that way at

all, and some of the players have known me for quite a while.

For complete details on the game (including our excellent posting rules)

and the magnificent bios of the players, visit Even if you aren`t interested in

playing I recommend stopping by just to see how creative people can

truly be.

If you are truly interested, send me an email and I`ll invite you into

the eGroup and we can get started.