i hope that i do not displease anyone but i find some of the concepts ie provence levels, war cards etc, unbelievable. is this considered sacrilige. i will focus on the provence levels with this post. first of all provence level populations corispond to the square of the level times 1,000 people aprox. now if this is true than the gb production shouild corispondedly reflect this with the square of the provence level. however this is not so. instead a provence level of say 10 representing 100,000 people produce about the same as 10 1st level provence levels of 1,000 poeple aprox. this means that a huge population produces far less income than rural areas per person. this makes little sense. urban areas were far more productive than rural else why move there. you could say that they tended to be far more independent. this arguement is nullified as this should be a law issue as many urban areas were not independant. i feel to keep the balance of power each level should represent 5,000 people. or you could change the balence of power and square gb production. please tell me how you feel about this.