ly to the rest of your post. Ramble on however you`d

like, but I`m only suggesting you might be marginally more helpful to

everyone if you either stayed on topic or else refrained from insulting

those that do.

I would like to address the new topic that you bring up thought:

> Except that you offer no evidence of being able to make sense of some

> condition existing outside of the rules. Must a creature, who is a gas, act

> in all ways as described on page 77 of the DMG. No gas being could be

> created by clever players who could dissolve in water, use a fizz attack

> from water (casues dizziness), or attack with force energy blows?

More to the point, a character who uses gaseous form must act in all ways

described under the description for the Gaseous Form spell. This means, no,

he doesn`t miraculously get the ability to attack incorpereal beings,

doesn`t get bizzare special attacks while being practically invinciple,

including force energy blows.

What do you mean `by a clever player`? You mean a player who wants

unstoppable special attacks that could hurt anyone while being completely

invincible? Is that how you define `a clever player`?

If he wants to create new spells (or better yet, blood abilities) that let

him do this, that`s fine. He can do it, and as a GM, one could assign such

control/balance mechanisms as spell level, availability, x/day, etc. But no

player should be allowed these perks just "because he`s clever".

I`ll admit that I don`t *want* to resolve situations outside of the rules.

Rather, what I would like is to use an adaptable rules system that can be

flexible enough to accomodate for bizzare situations and player innovation.

This does not include rules systems that give special hurt-anything,

instant-kill methods (suffocate and force damage [and water sizzle?]) to any

player who wants it just because standard qualifiers need not apply.

-Lord Rahvin