>>I am interested in a resource list of books or websites or anything relavent

for educating myself on medieval history and the like. <<

Well, I guess the topic is too extensive for anyone to provide an exhaustive list. Anyway, here are some suggestions:

For starters, look for the Cambridge Medieval History. This many-volumed work will probably be available in larger public and university libraries. I believe there is an eqivalent published by the university of Oxford.

For my RPG needs, I`m especially fond of works dealing with economic history. Unfortunately, off the top of my head I can only provide a German book on the subject:

Handbuch der europäischen Wirtschafts- und Sozialgeschichte (Manual of European Economic and Social History), esp. vol 2-3. Here you`ll find information about demographics, agriculture, crafts, mining, monetary units, the feudal system etc. I`m quite sure that similar works in English do exist.

Here are two of the things I adopted for my campaign:

- In RW, the technology necessary to smelt iron and most other metals with the help of mineral coal wasn`t inventend before the end of the 18th century (the sulphurous fumes of burning coa1 make the metal brittle if they come in contact with the smelting ore). Instead, charcoal is used, requiring large quantities of wood. This helps explain the great amount of deforestation in Anuire, the enmity of the elves and it creates dependencies for countries like Avanil and Ghoere who are rich in metal but poor in wood.

- The brecht are the only nation to use the `steering wheel` ( I doubt the term is correct - `rudder wheel` perhaps?) on their ships. All other nations use a rather unwieldy rudder pin, making their ships slightly less maneuverable.

Some Online ressources:

General, I find these links interesting, but unwieldy when looking for specific information, meaning that you`ll have to browse for quite some time before you find what you seek.










Hope you enjoy these and happy hunting,