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    think adapting the Divine Influence systems from `Kabbalah: Mythic

    >Judaism` might be a solution; although there is a need to make specific

    >tables of Ease Factors for each Deity (since they each have very

    >different areas of influence to that of the God of the the Jewish


    I have been thinking the ame myself, and to a certain extent that emchaninc

    can be used for the original cleric spells. There are several issues that must

    stil be solved though, e.g. guidelines for purity (or perhaps some better

    name) for clerics devoted to non-Lawful Good/Neutral gods. The way one aquires

    Purity might also not be that applicable to a lot of campaign styles.

    The use of different ease factors for different deities is a very good idea.

    Some people have complained that the difference between clerics of each deity

    disappeared with the 3e conversion, and this could be a really good way of

    mimicing the different portfolio of each.

    The major hurdle is the realm spell equivalent for clerics. For wizards the

    use of rituals combined with large amounts of vis is a good way of modelling

    arcane realm spells. For the clerics there is no similar system presente din

    the Kabbalah book, and there is also a need for some way of reflecting regency

    points or similar for them.

    The most promissing idea I`ve had is to use a rule that depletes the cleric`s

    Divine Might (that is my way of representing Blood Lines) for a period of

    time. Another option is to grant cleric regents `Worship Points` based on the

    number of followers. These can be used similarly to Vis for casting ritual


    >I`m working along this kind of approach for an upcoming PBeM.



    >John Machin


    Hey hey hey! You`re getting us all quite interested now. Is this a PBeM in the

    BR setting, or some other world using BR domain rules?


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    Originally posted by Birthright-L@Jul 4 2003, 01:28 AM
    Hey hey hey! You`re getting us all quite interested now. Is this a PBeM in the BR setting, or some other world using BR domain rules?
    The PBeM using Ars Magica 4th edition rules will be set in a re-designed Anuire of 551 MR.

    I say redesigned as John M. and myself are altering physical features such as terrain and some province population levels. We are also altering a few of the characters. For example, the Duchess of Brosengae will no longer be a half elf.

    The biggest change is in the structure of Anuirean society. After the chaos of following the fall of Roele we are going to have the 12 original Duchies set themselves up as a College of Dukes with the powers to elect an Emperor, who serves for life (its no longer a hereditary position). The College of Dukes are really a College of Electors with some similarities to those in the Holy Roman Empire.

    Now, this centralised authority in Anuire has seen the preservation or re-establishment of other imperial institutions. For our game the Imperial Temple exists, though it exists as a pantheonic organisation that mirrors the Anuirean pantheon. Haelyn is the chief god, but all the other Anuirean deities are also represented within the temple. Temple holdings will continue, just as presented in RoE, but instead of representing an entirely separate temple they will reflect the local pre-eminence of whatever sect of the Imperial Temple. The exceptions to this will be the temple of Ruornil in Medeore and (possibly) the interloping Khinasi church of the LPA.

    The focus of the game will be political manoeuvring to elect a new emperor after the death of the last one. Some players will be trying to get themselves elected, while others will be trying to elect someone they prefer. Still others will be more concerned with preventing certain regents becoming emperor.

    Please bear in mind that John M. and I have only just started this process and the game itself is still some time away.

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    snip! - hideous block of html or something>

    That`s it :)

    More details to come when we make them up, I expect ;)


    John Machin



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