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"You are a good man, yes? Of course you are. I believe that as
well. We are both good men. Most people believe they are good, my
friend. It is part of our nature that we believe ourselves to be good, and
in our goodness we are secure. All these people here are good people such
as we, are they not? Certainly they are."
"I does not do to concern yourself overmuch with the vagaries of good
and evil. Much of the time there is only that which we do. Take, for
instance, that young woman there. Yes, that one strolling through the
marketplace carrying her babe. She is beautiful, is she not? A loving
mother, chaste and wholesome? Well, let me tell you that when I met her
yesternight in the house of Dame Plish she was far from the innocent woman
you see before you. A wanton of extraordinary capacity. I assure you it
is true. And that guard there. The one with the stern features and
serious bearing. See his vigilance? He watches over the marketplace as is
his duty. What if I told you his purse is much fatter than a humble city
guard`s pay would merit? That door that he stands before, notice that he
never strays far from it. It leads to a den where one can purchase and
partake of the snuff made from black orchid pollen--a pleasant if somewhat
degenerate pastime. See the chubby priest there preaching to the
gamin. See how the urchin pays heed to his every word. One would never
know from his charitable expression the hours of hard labor he has put
children such as those to work in his temple scrubbing floors and polishing
brass ornaments for little more than a crust of bread. Does he offer that
child in rags a layer of his own silken robe? Of course not. Those robes
are a symbol of his piety, his office in the community, his
goodness. Better that they drape his ample belly than cover a shivering
"All of these people consider themselves to be good people, do they
not? So they are. The things they do support a greater good. The young
woman has her child to care for, the guard an aging father to support, and
the priest must safeguard the souls of all those who attend his temple. It
is not the petty compromises we make that determines whether we are good or
bad. Indeed, the occasional sin allows for even greater appreciation of
our good works, and it is by excess that we learn wisdom."
"But you look troubled, my friend. This is all much to
consider.... Come, let us continue discussing these philosophical matters
over some ale. Perhaps something stronger a bit later. You have never
visited the house of Dame Plish, you say? Oh, it is a fine establishment
indeed... one can purchase a bit of black orchid snuff there for a
reasonable sum, and there are other comforts there I`m sure you will find
soothing after these heady musing upon morality."

In the Imp of Adaba resides much of Azrai`s powers of persuasion and guile
as well as that old god`s penchant for corruption. He delights in
befouling that which is pure and good. His machinations as he roams
Cerilia soil the innocent, bring the mighty low, and turn the faithful to
despair and doubt. Fouling that which is fair is the Imp`s purpose, and
woe to any who cross his path.

Husseid Saddak was born the sixth and youngest son of an officer in the
army of Aftane. In his youth his father was killed by soldiers of Ariya in
one of the many skirmishes between those two nations in the centuries
following the fall of Shoufal. Husseid`s idolized his father, so his death
effected the boy deeply. Always a spirited and troublesome youth, his
degeneration into the Imp began shortly after his father`s demise. Though
he delights in corrupting and deceiving all those of moral character,
accounts of the skirmish that led to his father`s death attributed the
killing to a paladin of the Ariyan Temple of Avani, so the Imp takes
special pleasure in targeting paladins. It is said that bringing down
those of pure heart brings the Imp power in the way that bloodtheft does to
other scions.

Rumors abound that the Imp is an agent of the Red Kings due to his origins
in Aftane and the way his subversive, diabolic tactics bear a superficial
resemblance to the methods of those secretive rulers. Strangely, however,
the Red Kings have issued a 5GB reward for his capture. There is
speculation that the Imp was once an agent of the Red Kings, perhaps a
trusted lieutenant or even an heir, but that his endless manipulations
proved too much for even the rulers of Aftane. Others say that the Imp
stole a valuable artifact from the Red King wizard Bedoureg. Whatever the
truth of the matter might be, it is clear that Husseid is no longer welcome
in his homeland.

In the years since his expatriation the Imp has fled Khinasi, slowly making
his deceitful way west. He is believed to be responsible for the inspiring
a young officer of Rohrmarch, who appeared to be beginning a brilliant
career, into a fit of murderous jealously in which he killed his new wife
and best friend. In Baruk-Azhik he awoke a near forgotten dispute between
two clans which resulted in the first open feuding in that dwarven kingdom
in centuries. Dozens of dwarves were killed in a spontaneous battle until
Grimm Graybeard himself stepped in to settle the matter. In Elinie a young
paladin`s faith was broken when the Imp made her believe that the
leadership of the Life and Protection of Avani was corrupt. Unable to face
her mentors without her faith she committed suicide. In Alamie a scandal
involving the garnishment of tithes by a prelate of the Western Imperial
Temple resulted in his expulsion and led to many of that temple`s faithful
turning to the worship of Saramie in that land. It is suspected that many
other plots and dark deeds can be attributed to his manipulations though
his presence has gone unnoticed.

Though still basically humanoid, the Imp`s bloodform has significantly
altered his appearance. As a youth Husseid was tall and thin like his
father before him. Since his transformation has taken over he has grown
short and crooked. His joints seem swollen and his limbs grown longer and
misshapen. His skin has taken on a decidedly red hue and hangs limp upon
his frame like the softened flesh of a corpse. His already black hair has
grown thin and stringy and two small horns have sprouted on his
forehead. His teeth have yellowed and grown long and his eyes have become
black. Also black are his nails that have grown into claws sprouting an
inch from the ends of his fingers and toes. With these claws he is able to
deliver a vicious attack.

Whenever possible, the Imp uses his Alter Appearance blood ability to
disguise his true form. Using this ability not only allows him to hide his
degeneration, but along with his Persuasion ability he can gain access to
even the most secure castles and palaces. The Imp will impersonate an
actual person only rarely, preferring to simply hide his transformation
rather than risk trying to replicate the speech, memories and personality
of another person. When disguised by his Alter Appearance ability along
with his natural affinity for disguise he is nearly indistinguishable from
a typical human except by extraordinary means.

Husseid Saddak, the Imp of Adaba.
Medium-sized awnshegh
Rogue 3, Bard 1, Awnsheghlien 5.
Hit Dice: 4d6 + 5d8 + 9 (48 hp)
Init: +6 (+2 Dex, +4 Improved Inititive)
Speed: 30 ft.
AC: 13 (+2 Dex, +1 Dodge)
Attacks: 2 claws (+5)
Damage: Claw 1d4
Face/Reach: 5`x5`/5`
Special Attacks: Spells
Special Qualities: Blood abilities
Saves: Fort +2, Ref +5, Will +4
Class Abilities: Sneak attack +2d6, Evasion, Uncanny Dodge, Inspire
Courage, Countersong, Fascinate, Inspire Competence, Suggestion, Inspire
Bloodine: Azrai, minor, 31. Alter Appearance (minor). Persuasion (major).
Bloodline in BP Style: Az(7/36), AltAp(4/2/1), Pers(3/1).
S:10, D: 14, C: 12, I: 14, W:8 , Ch:16
Skills: Bluff +17, Diplomacy +8, Disguise +20, Escape Artist +11,
Forgery +8, Hide +7, Listen +6, Move Silently +7, Perform +15, Sense Motive
+8, Spot +5.
Feats: Improved Initiative, Dodge, Mobility, Subsonics, Jack of all Trades
Spells per day/Known: 0th: 2/4.
Spell List: Ghost Sound, Mage Hand, Open/Close, Prestidigitation.
Inventory: It is believed the Imp has access to a powerful magic item
stolen from Aftane. What the powers of this item might be, however, are
unknown. He often has access to potions and miscellaneous magic pilfered
from his victims. The Imp usually eschews armor and weapons, though he
will wear wear and carry whatever he needs to affect a particular disguise.

Unlike other scions, the Imp`s bloodline is increased when he successfully
corrupts a noble character. In such cases, use the character level of the
victim as their bloodline score with the following modifiers: +5 if the
victim is a paladin, +2 if the victim is a cleric, +2 if the victim is a
scion, +2 if the victim is lawful or good and has been a paradigm of
his/her faith and alignment.

Combat: A coward at heart, the Imp avoids personal combat whenever
possible. He may use his powers to assume various forms to take on a
menacing appearance to frighten off or intimidate others, but when it comes
to actual combat he would much rather flee than fight. If unable to avoid
a physical confrontation he will attempt to use his powers of persuasion to
sow discord amongst his opponents, or to incite bystanders to fighting on
his behalf. As a last resort he will use his claws and fangs to
attack. Though he prefers to work alone, if he has time to prepare for a
conflict the Imp will surround himself with lackeys who are strong in body
if weak in willpower. After prolonged exposure to his powers of mind
control and manipulation these people are quite willing to act as cannon
fodder while he makes his escape. When in control of such minions the Imp
prefers to hang back, inspire his troops and either wait for victory or
find an escape route. Though it will certainly uncover any disguise he may
take, he will use his ability to Alter Self to take on a pair of wings
(usually bat-like) in order to escape.

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