There were a few blood abilities I didn`t get written up in that blood
ability point document that I scribbled up a few weeks back. I`m writing
up a new minor awnshegh (coming soon) who needed the Alter Appearance blood
ability, so here it is in the BP system format:

--- --- --- --- ---

Alter Appearance (AlAp) - Az, Br, Vo
You have a natural talent for taking on the appearance of another creature.
Base Power: You gain the following powers and abilities for each BP spent
on Alter Appearance:

BP Power
1 You get your Bld bonus (minimum +1) on any skill check using the
Disguise skill.
2 Your ability to alter your appearance is equal to Change Self (PHB
183.) This ability is available 1/day and has a duration of 1 hour + 1
3 Your ability to alter your appearance is upgraded to Alter Self
(PHB 172.)
4 During the duration of your Alter Self ability you may change form
as often as desired for the duration of the ability.
5 Your Alter Self ability is improved to Polymorph Self (PHB 237)
except that you do not heal when transforming per that spell.
6 You may take on a tiny form.
7 You may take on a form up to two sizes your normal form.

Enhancements: For 1 BP you can double the amount of time your Alter
Appearance ability will remain in effect. For another BP you may triple
that amount of time.
Reductions: You take -1 BP cost reduction if a successful turn attempt (DC
15 + Bld) will dispel the effects of your Alter Appearance ability and
render in unusable for a number of rounds equal to the amount the turn
attempt exceeded the DC of the check.

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